“‘Life’ is of course a misnomer, since viruses, lacking the ability to eat or respire, are officially dead”*…

Half of your genome started out as an infection; if left unchecked, some parts of it can turn deadly all over again: “The Non-Human Living Inside of …

“‘Life’ is of course a misnomer, since viruses, lacking the ability to eat or respire, are officially dead”*…

— The wonderful Ness of that area where their ability to make meaning fails .

Change the Role of Police



“Part of our misunderstanding about the nature of policing is we keep imagining that we can turn police into social workers. That we can make them nice, friendly community outreach workers. But police are violence workers. That’s what distinguishes them from all other government functions. … They have the legal capacity to use violence in situations where the average citizen would be arrested.”

Good point.

Society needs violence workers. To argue against that is basically to argue a utopian dream.

Perhaps We need more community workers. People who work along side or in concert with police to step in at the Appropriate moments.

I mean; would we really want a kinder softer military?

Probably not.

Also with police.

In Project Mayhem, we don’t have a name…

But in death, we do….

His name is George Floyd.

His name is George Floyd.

_His Name is Robert Paulson.

When you start thinking in the terms of the movie “Fight Club“, the world becomes a different place.

Project mayhem is the nonsense of the real world; the members of project mayhem , which at one time you were a part, begin to adhere to motto standards which appear more and more insane.

At first, you think you are insane…but it is not really you that is insane.

This is mental health in a nut shell. For real.

There is “mental health” which is the effort to get you back in line (conventional-ideological)…

…and there is “mental health” which is coming to terms with who and what you are in the world (existential-philosophical).