“One doesn’t have to play well, it’s enough to play better than your opponent”*…

When less is, if not more, at least very amusing… 1D Chess is a fun, innovative chess variant played on a single row of 16 squares. Each player …

“One doesn’t have to play well, it’s enough to play better than your opponent”*…

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MENTAL HEALTH | PSYCHEDELICS To me, some of the most effective therapies are not yet legal PCH Vector / Freepik Occasionally I get asked if I’m a …

I’m Qualified to Practice Therapy, But My Ethics Do Not Yet Align | by Alexander M. Combstrong | Happy Brain Club | May, 2021

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“…hello again yeah I’m just happy the coyotes are alive when are you over there yeah because I think those are the puppies that that just came up in the past year but I’m just happy they’re alive because you know it’s cool for the wildlife to be here you know and I mean — I know — how long you’ve been here ? because there used to be deer walked through here yeah like not even you may be the last time I saw it was like six years ago but there’s no more deer is no more deer and there’s to be raccoon…”


My voice dictation was still going on this dog walk when I crossed paths with someone and it printed what I was saying to her 😄

Anyways, yes. Really the only reason I am re-posting this post is to tell the person of this blog that they don’t allow comments, or if for some reason it won’t allow me to comment on their post.

so then, my Small comment would be that I’m not sure this person who is talking about being a therapist really comprehend what it is to be a therapist. Perhaps that’s why in the past few years in the United States, we are starting to make stricter rules about who gets to counsel someone. in the state I live in just even three years ago, all you had to do was say that you’re a counselor and you could charge someone whatever you wanted to to be their therapist.

You wouldn’t even have to have a degree or anything.

and, sure, at route there is something genuinely therapeutic about just listening to someone and then giving them advice about what you think and having a conversation about it. It’s very therapeutic just to have a conversation with someone.

Now, however, I have been getting educated in counseling, I am actually understanding a little bit more.

Maybe A good analogy is playing guitar. Yeah, I can learn four cords or six cords and maybe not play very well but play some songs and hang out with a bunch of people and we all have a really great time. But somehow when you hear someone who really knows how to play guitar play a song, there’s something different going on. I mean, The analogy only goes so far, so… oh well.

I like the post and I like his sentiment and I agree.

but it threw me off a little bit when s/he said something like if s/he had a depressed patient or s/he had to go act for the new Game of Thrones, how would s/he decide, or something like that.

That makes me wonder what s/he thinks being a therapist is. what exactly kind of therapy is s/he talking about?

anyways. Hey blogger: Open your comments, please! 😛

Never-before Law Passes to Kill People Legally


— Idaho passes groundbreaking law to kill ranchers who kill wildlife. The new law requires that “extraneous human beings” shall be “legally exterminated” for the sake of saving the environment from morons.

The first of a series of new laws are being drafted in the Northwestern United States which offer to curb the needless growth of the human population. Human beings have been targeted by such laws in language that has historically been seen as unethical. Humans are now being rated as to “intelligence” with reference to the environment as well as “mentally sound” with reference to relationships with wild life. Those failing to meet the new criteria will be allowed to be “put down” by any rational human being “at dawn”. AP reported today.