Is this Real? Mental health and counseling philosophy

  • Microsoft Brings OpenAI Chatbot to Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

    Word, PowerPoint and Outlook emails will get new AI assistants called Copilots — Read on —- I must be getting old and irrelevant. There is nearly nothing about AI technology that excites me anymore. Its really just boring sameness, computers doing the same thing, with more of it, over and over. Whatever they proclaim as…

  • :: Let me think

    If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why? I don’t like banning things. Words especially. While some people … Let me think

  • The Philosophical Same

    I wonder if people are as into difference as they were 20+ some years ago. I feel like people now-days are more about being the same. Current problem seem to be associated more with being different. For example: the growth of mental issue awareness seems promote solutions toward “connection”, and indeed, medications are more about…

  • Divergence (linked now)

  • Different is Difference in Approach

  • Hocus Pocus

    A Magical formula used in conjuring, 1630s, earlier Hocas Pocas, common name of a magician or juggler (1620s); a sham-Latin invocation used by jugglers, perhaps based on a perversion of the sacramental blessing from the Mass, Hoc est corpus meum “This is my body.” The first to make this speculation on its origin apparently was…

  • Mentally Sick or Not—(Bio)Markers of Psychiatric Disorders Needed

    Mentally Sick or Not—(Bio)Markers of Psychiatric Disorders Needed — Read on —Do you know, or you do believe? basically: the people that are convincing us there are have no clue as to biological markers, nor why psychiatric medicines work or even if they “cure” as disorder.

  • Mental Disorder: A Phenomenological Phantom?

    Do DSM Psychological Disorders have any relationship to neurological brain states? Sarah Durston, Professor of Developmental Disorders of the Brain at the University Medical Centre Utrecht gives some credible evidence and sound philosophical question to materialistic ideals listed in the DSM to be called Mental Disorders. I suppose it would make sense that mental disorders…

  • Someone said: the future of Mental Health ? Oh! —- If psychedelics are, I’m pretty sure there will just be new and improved mental issues they cannot treat. The nature of the psychedelic experience cannot be contained. For sure, they can be helpful. But we should, we are ethically required to ask: at what cost is this “spiritual-psychological revival” for mental health? Yet,…

  • :: Are mental health awareness efforts contributing to the rise in reported mental health problems? A call to test the prevalence inflation hypothesis

    This paper by Lucy Foulkes and Jack L. Andrews has been published by New Ideas in Psychology. The abstract says: “In the past decade, there have been… Are mental health awareness efforts contributing to the rise in reported mental health problems? A call to test the prevalence inflation hypothesis

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