Build the wall! And a healing prayer.

The Native American elder approaches a group of kids who are Trump supporters who are chanting "build that wall". He approaches chanting a healing prayer. https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/video/4012922-teens-in-make-america-great-again-hats-taunted-a-native-american-elder-at-the-lincoln-memorial/ And then what? We're supposed to completely negate the intention of this man's prayer and fall back into our ethically righteous sides, condemning the Trump supporters just because they… Continue reading Build the wall! And a healing prayer.


The Ontological Argument

Conventional Philosophy is marked by its method that I call the ontological argument. William Dilthey made a good statement that Wiki incorporates, which is a good example of the conventional project: "....[Dilthey] argues that 'scientific explanation of nature' (erklären) must be completed with a theory of how the world is given to human beings through… Continue reading The Ontological Argument


So Close…The First Part, out soon.

I just received a proof copy of the first part of the philosophical hack. I am noticing some minor edits still. often it takes one pair of eyes many times going over the same thing to catch all the errors. * Using Slavoj Zizek's book "Event" as a platform, The Philosophical Hack is a hack… Continue reading So Close…The First Part, out soon.