CFP: 5th International Conference on Interactivity, Language & Cognition: Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in the Cognitive and …

5th International Conference on Interactivity, Language & Cognition: Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in the Cognitive and Language …

CFP: 5th International Conference on Interactivity, Language & Cognition: Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in the Cognitive and …

—- Soundsgood. I hope its results stays good. For, typical how things like this go is the “tenderness” is really addressing the usual attitudes of the ‘quant’ group, and so what happens is the “qual” get shut out anyways because all the quantitative people are trying to be more “tender”, And in so doing totally miss what qualitative is supposed to indicate. And then on the other side, the ’qual’ People are already indoctrinated interviewing what is the qualities of things in a quantitative manner, which is to say as if qualities can be lumped into subjective descriptions that are than quantified in the effort of making it scientific and empirical.

So I think it’s a good thing but I’m not keeping my hopes up.

Because the true issue is empiricism itself, and less how we qualify what arises inside of empirical reality. As well “cognition” itself is already a quantified unit qualified by at not being so. 

High School

Yup. Some people just never grow up. 

And some people would say that I am demanding simple answers where there is a cornucopia of complexity involved in the situation in the Lavant, but really anywhere.


Maybe people just do not ever grow up. Maybe that’s just the fact of it. We become able to analyze things and use complex words and clauses and definitions and all sorts of super thick intellectual analysis…

That may be really all it is is that most people never mature past 14 years old.

Maybe we just let them duke it out? And Let the ones who are not fighting come in from recess.

The Existence of Soul

Show me a person who is totally at peace…

…And I’ll show you a person who is either very wealthy, or extremely poor.


I ponder that anyone is really seeking peace. I wonder if that is just a pipe dream that we’ve been fed because our lives have been so tumultuous.

So instead of understanding existence as the truth which is vicissitude and upheaval

We take flight in our ideas and Forever battle against what is apparent.

I think this is what we call Spirituality. A forever attempt to overcome what is true of our existence. We take solace in finding a transcendent nothingness through which we can reflect on to ourselves A distinction.

A pure fantasy of Zizekian dimensions. Posit our “true self” in the vanishing point which ends within us, yet, through the diversion, understand as communion.

We feel that we must keep our agency at all times. I feel that this is what we understand as spirituality. We invest our self in the pure idea that we are not what we appear to be.

What that great irony would be if we gave up on the ideal Of keeping oneself in communion and realized that the universe is always working for our benefit, that at no time was there ever a discrepancy.


How utterly intolerable to think such nonsense.

The ransom ware business model

The ransom ware business I think it’s a good model for our current global economy. It basically understands that large companies and governments have a ton of money. And so they can hack into and take hostage of these computer systems that these large institutions rely upon. They then can charge an amount of money that is relatively insignificant to that institution, but otherwise, to regular people is a ton of money.

If we extend this out to the future, it might be more feasible and reasonable and sensible for these large companies and global governments to establish a fund that everyone can tap into to pay out these ransom ware threats.

But then ultimately extending out even further, it seems that it would be more sensible and continuingly rational to merely subsidize people. Then people would not have to attempt to hack into global large institutions in order to get what, to the institution, is really just extra change.

If I personally had $1 million I am positive that I could quit my job and live the rest my life totally happily.

And yet these huge companies see losing $1 million as some sort of existential threat.

There is a rupture in the estimation of knowledge. 

Repost set

MENTAL HEALTH | PSYCHEDELICS To me, some of the most effective therapies are not yet legal PCH Vector / Freepik Occasionally I get asked if I’m a …

I’m Qualified to Practice Therapy, But My Ethics Do Not Yet Align | by Alexander M. Combstrong | Happy Brain Club | May, 2021

—- I I am mostly re-posting this post because, for whatever reason, the blogger does not allow comments.

“…hello again yeah I’m just happy the coyotes are alive when are you over there yeah because I think those are the puppies that that just came up in the past year but I’m just happy they’re alive because you know it’s cool for the wildlife to be here you know and I mean — I know — how long you’ve been here ? because there used to be deer walked through here yeah like not even you may be the last time I saw it was like six years ago but there’s no more deer is no more deer and there’s to be raccoon…”


My voice dictation was still going on this dog walk when I crossed paths with someone and it printed what I was saying to her 😄

Anyways, yes. Really the only reason I am re-posting this post is to tell the person of this blog that they don’t allow comments, or if for some reason it won’t allow me to comment on their post.

so then, my Small comment would be that I’m not sure this person who is talking about being a therapist really comprehend what it is to be a therapist. Perhaps that’s why in the past few years in the United States, we are starting to make stricter rules about who gets to counsel someone. in the state I live in just even three years ago, all you had to do was say that you’re a counselor and you could charge someone whatever you wanted to to be their therapist.

You wouldn’t even have to have a degree or anything.

and, sure, at route there is something genuinely therapeutic about just listening to someone and then giving them advice about what you think and having a conversation about it. It’s very therapeutic just to have a conversation with someone.

Now, however, I have been getting educated in counseling, I am actually understanding a little bit more.

Maybe A good analogy is playing guitar. Yeah, I can learn four cords or six cords and maybe not play very well but play some songs and hang out with a bunch of people and we all have a really great time. But somehow when you hear someone who really knows how to play guitar play a song, there’s something different going on. I mean, The analogy only goes so far, so… oh well.

I like the post and I like his sentiment and I agree.

but it threw me off a little bit when s/he said something like if s/he had a depressed patient or s/he had to go act for the new Game of Thrones, how would s/he decide, or something like that.

That makes me wonder what s/he thinks being a therapist is. what exactly kind of therapy is s/he talking about?

anyways. Hey blogger: Open your comments, please! 😛

You Be the Judge

Calling all cuiositeurs!!! Calling all intellectualeurs!! You be the judge!

My latest paper


(please let me know if this link does not go to the paper)

And perhaps some of you may have an idea where I might want to submit this paper. Maybe someone might know a journal that Hass to do with my topic.

But please let me know 1) am I being an asshole, 2) your thoughts on the paper.

I Believe that link goes to The paper discussion.

I think it asks you to sign in.

However, if you are not a member of academia EDU or don’t want to be, let me know and I’ll send you a copy of my paper but as well, if you like, the paper that I’m commenting upon by Patrick Bloniasz, But further, if you’d like, the introduction to the chapter that Bloniasz is replying to.

I can send you all three parts if you would like.

I will post my paper on here at some point or at least a link to a Google Drive file.

Politics and ethics

It seems to me that the political economy in the United States has one way to go: Ethically. I don’t mean this in some vague sense. I mean it in a very specific sense to what this link post suggests about our politics, namely, how the republican party has no real agenda except opposing Biden.

Now, Biden is definitely the ethical representative if we want to think of humanity. Regardless of policy, political ethics Hass to do with the “common human good”. The only way, to my mind, that the Republicans can counter what is already moving is to effectively segregate one group of human beings from another, to say finally that ethics only has to do with a certain portion of human beings that we consider human, for a term. That’s the only place they have to go at this point if their soul rallying constitution is merely to oppose Biden, That is, and circle around Trump.

An ideal of a common humanity is the only ethical gravitas that keeps the American Democracy intact.