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  • Get Stung.

    Elsee Bee. Just Bee.

  • When does one’s beliefs start to evidence a compromised mental health?

    An ethics committee found that Liz Harris “violated the inherent obligation to protect the integrity of the House.” — Read on —- I know; I get all my news from NPR and Huff Post. And some from cable… ..But that is in the highly debated spirit that that the most politically active and responsible…

  • The Issue of Health: Do Texas Anti-abortion Legislators Eat too Much Food that’s Bad for Their Brains?

    Do religion and science only collide as an ideological issue in the small, blood starved brains of people in power? Read about the startling coincidence of news… — Read on Could poor food choices reflect human evolutionary past and tendency to stay with what one believes instead of embracing reality ? Perhaps the…

  • Chill For A Few

  • FYI: The World Has Finally Ended

    — Read on —— Seth Rogan symbolically announces there is nothing adventurous and unknown left in the world. We now live in perpetual security, faux problems, non-idealist wars, and intellectual barrenness. Then… …then… …now…? (Insert justified stereo-weed-type of your choosing for 2023) …It’s time to party like it’s 2099! 🙈

  • Pixilated Reality

    A Freind made an interesting comment: Media is about what sells, not what is real or true. He said, the information one gets from any media is like one line of pixels of the whole screen. And, even if I were to watch you tube information videos 24 hours a day, I still would have…

  • Righteousness as mental illness

    It is very odd, that people would want to be right more than being happy.

  • Microsoft Brings OpenAI Chatbot to Outlook, PowerPoint and Word.

    Word, PowerPoint and Outlook emails will get new AI assistants called Copilots — Read on —- I must be getting old and irrelevant. There is nearly nothing about AI technology that excites me anymore. Its really just boring sameness, computers doing the same thing, with more of it, over and over. Whatever they proclaim as…

  • :: Let me think

    If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why? I don’t like banning things. Words especially. While some people … Let me think

  • The Philosophical Same

    I wonder if people are as into difference as they were 20+ some years ago. I feel like people now-days are more about being the same. Current problem seem to be associated more with being different. For example: the growth of mental issue awareness seems promote solutions toward “connection”, and indeed, medications are more about…

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