another “Sokal hoax,” this time at Badiou Studies?

…And i concur with Harman about Sokal , yet i would say the issue concerns routes. 

Where Badiou eternally strives for a reconciliation based ina sort of repressive affect that wants for the ‘hidden’ or ‘marginalized’ aspect a quality of a sort of ‘more real’ or maybe ‘actually true’, I say this effort is nearly empty (but very useful, even to those who would argue ahainst Badiou’s ‘substantial rhetoric’ as in the example of this ‘hoax’, which really just shows how a whole institution is upheld by Badiou’s willed deception)  and in fact merely reifies that the real systematic is indeed True. The more effective and actual rendering of the situation is the opposite of Badiou’s systemized effort that merely confirms what it attempts to displace.  

Two irreconcilable routes is the neccessay situation once we come to terms with Badiou’s real temporality. But also, that what is Real is not the marginalized aspect.


You can read about the incident HERE. I haven’t yet had a chance to read the article by “Benedetta Tripodi,” and so don’t have an opinion yet as to whether it should have been caught by the referees. (Though I must say, the title of article is so ludicrous that I doubt I could have kept a […]

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