AI Optimism. 

Sure, we need address the problems that may arise with a true AI, but this really is a process of humanity coming to terms with itself. 

I prefer the result of the almost 90’s optimism but not quite yet the submergence into the grunge 90’s panic, version of a True AI.  (Call me old, but i think it might be my generation that is keeping us stuck in the grungy flannel)

I mean; soundgarden and metallica might have remained a cohesive and consistent entity all these years, but even they are merely a nostalgic hoorah at any of thier shows.  But hey STP, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, NIN, Pearl Jam: DEAD.  Maybe throw Bush in there: GONE, and dumb.  

But the Grateful Dead, who saw a major jump in popularity during the late 80’s —  its always whats underground that supplies the true motion of meaning to the present.  And now with John Mayer whos probably a stoner, hes trying it seems to get more real that his pop mushy teeny-bopper love songs.

Yeah, its a little incoherent, and not very comprehensive, but…

Im just sayin’

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