A Preliminary Situation of Latour’s [PRE] / [NET]

The issue that concerns Latour shall be used here as an example of how The Philosophical Hack plays and how it can be applied. Note: Reality is a necessary situation, and Latour’s project, as well as Prof Sassen’s in my previous post,both which   stem toward an inclusion of what is either invisible and or excluded, are already situated away from any previous iteration of such projects, as they are firmly situated in real modes. Similarly, what is real reverberates its necessary determination throughout the conscious human situation, as the working out of historical realities necessarily occurs in the only way it can, its correlational passes resonating identical correspondences as objects. The distiguishable (real) elements defined against the point of contention argues its (non-)ground as a sort of ‘all is good’ site where everything happening the only way it can necessitates its real solution. 

The idea that we must somehow ‘de-theorize’ calls forth the invitation to–as Latours says of DESCRIPTION: …at risk of shocking practitioners…while also VERIFYING that what is so shocking is indeed what such ‘practitioners’ already will know about themselves. 

The gap may be arise to view between the description, as it has been allowed, and those accounts that the ‘practitioners’ exhibit, in as much as they have not been privy to such allowances until they indeed where shocked. {AIME pgs 64,65}

Yet i cant help wonder if Latour himself will allow himself to be shocked, for it seems that he is indeed being the quite problematical participant observer of modern anthropology. I wonder how open he will be, for the hesiation and surprises he speaks of earlier in his book surely should occur for him in as much as his faith is breached. Will he allow it?  

An initial representation that reverberates Latour as it re-presents it (real redundancy):

{written on pg 67 of Latour’s “Inquiry into Modes of Existance. to fill out context — as well to show that at page 67, as this is the furthest i have read so far, it is indeed possible to anticipate aspects of what he will say and or argue, and indeed that his route might only be novel in as much as he makes his argument upon such [PRE]suppositions. Again: real redundancy posited as historical progress} 


Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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