The epeirogeny


the deformation of the earth’s crust by which the broader features of relief are produced

—- a crack in the crust of the world appears to reveal two routes of truth:

– the horizontal, continuous, circuit-ridden flat plane of ideological consideration.

– the uprising underneath. The horizontal still appears as the ubiquity, but something disrupts its epistemological certainty.

The issue is motion and ontology.

The question of the common category is the foundation of all knowledge.

—- We are able to begin to understand the breadth of knowledge when we consider the common humanity. For, two conditions arise; one upon which we might make a choice toward deciding what makes the best sense to us; one which accounts for how such a choice arises in decision:

* We are sure of all humanity and the individuals which arise in potential, where all human beings can choose.

* We merely cannot be sure who will come to choose. And those who don’t, obviously, de facto, were never part of the category.

The Two Routes.

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