The Philosophical Same

I wonder if people are as into difference as they were 20+ some years ago.

I feel like people now-days are more about being the same.

Current problem seem to be associated more with being different.

For example: the growth of mental issue awareness seems promote solutions toward “connection”, and indeed, medications are more about have faith in the prescriber than about figuring out why one is having a problem.

I ponder if the resurgence of Realism might be less about a move for wanting to reconcile oneself, to know oneself, and more about relinquishing personal responsibility for the sake of being the same as everyone else as a human.

What do you think?



4 responses to “The Philosophical Same”

  1. butimbeautiful Avatar

    I guess society is alienating in general and so people are drawn to form clumps.

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    1. landzek Avatar

      Ah ha.! lol. And it just dawned on me that in philosophy, difference it’s kind of a 70s 80s 90s thing. And during those decades no one was trying to be part of the system. But now, with the Internet, and the rise of mental health awareness, everyone wants to be part of the system. It seems like everyone’s trying their hardest. 🙈. And, from a mental health standpoint, at least, from that existential fat standpoint of being authentic, authenticity is boundaries, and boundaries is an establishment of difference. And maybe the newer generation just grew up without a sure sense of boundaries. Maybe in another 10 years everyone will want to be different again.

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      1. butimbeautiful Avatar

        People who don’t want to be part of the system just create a sub system that meets their needs. Like being punk, or an existentialist. Very few people do different all by themselves.


      2. landzek Avatar

        Yes. And we are all human beings after all. We have to somehow be part of a group and less we go live off the grid by ourselves hunting bears for clothes and rabbits to eat meat and searching for Berries. And I guess I was just reflecting, because I’m posting about difference from a philosophical standpoint, and the people who read those blogs number in the single digits. lol. So I was contemplating maybe people aren’t in a difference as much as they used to be. ?


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