OpenAI is a platform for human beings to reflect upon otherness

OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company. Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.
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—– I have a post somewhere about the true significance of AI. Maybe the AI in my site will suggest it as a similar post.

Aside from that suggestion, I wonder about AI as another form of control for real dogma. It appears to reiterate what one knows as though they don’t know it, and thus supplies a further mechanism of the real correlational redundancy. It is through redundancy ideological redundancy that people are able to reflect upon themselves as individual agents. 😉

Real ideology never offers anything new. Rather, it appears to supply the material whereby a modern subject may join in the religious effort of being human, for the purpose of fulfilling the human teleological goal of “us progressing”.

Ideology is unjust for the individual, which is why social justice has emerged as a way to generate more agents (go watch THE MATRIX again; AI and humanity are both involved in the real ideological state.) Real ideology is about bringing people into the flock of humanity. This flock is maintained by class/castes. At all times, a certain majority of humans must occupy the lower, more tangibly oppressed levels of society. But likewise must there be a few who seem to benefit, who are less tangibly oppressed, which is to say, occupy the role of oppressor in the real ideological game of the human religion. (See Paulo Freire).

Every new generation is indoctrinated into an ideology which functions to prevent the individual from realizing their ‘oppressed’ state. But nothing can be done to correct it. Rather, individuals must function as ideological agents in order to remain blissful and confident about their real ideological worth. This is to say, What can be done and how we go about it, is what we know as ethics. And, what can be done about it, most people do not want to know; this latter is the issue at root in mental health.

AI poses a reifying image which, at once, helps the human being to avoid itself for the whole, as well then see itself as more thoroughly and identifiably real. Which is to say, as a real religiously pious congregant of humanity.


Damn. Where did that come from?





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