the sensible meeting of classical and quantum physics

Discovering the source of the illusion.

Everything is Maya

——- I am skeptical of reducing highly complex mathematical explanations to regular semantic explanations for reality.

For one, as any good physicist will tell you, the transcription of these quantum, math-heavy formula into picturesque metaphors are exactly that: they are extremely over-simplified semantic derivations. In fact, physicists themselves will often admit that the way they might try to describe what these math formulas are organizing are misleading because the descriptions never convey the acute complexity that pervade the layers of mathematical theory.

The artistic renditions necessary to the non-mathematical understandings miss the truth of the math, and thus the conveyed reality, by semantic magnitudes.

This is to say that by the time we gain a concept of these quantum situations as laymen, we have already transformed the reality of what the math finds into a human fantasy.

Nonetheless, we always must contend with the reality that arrives through these intensional distortions.

Hence, we can begin down that rabbit hole:

The geometric nature of the theory suggests in turn that the nature of the universe, in both classical relativistic spacetime and quantum mechanics, may be described with geometry.[7]

Wiki: Amplituhedron






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