Trauma Informed Care

For those who may not know, trauma informed approach to mental issues understands that such issues are the individual’s natural response to traumatic events in the person’s life.

Whether it be a single traumatic event, like an act of violence or natural disaster, a series of events, such as abuse, or “a thousand bee stings” over an extended period of time. The response to trauma is the same. Mental health issues arise due to life trauma.

Systemic Abuse

The reason why this is important is because hardly anyone knows this outside of the mental health helpers.

Below is a part of a first-person typical example of an extreme case of a person encountering systemic bias and stigma, which I am sure most everyone adheres to, even as they would rather behave better:

From “Experiencing Psychosis” 2012 published by Routledge. used without permission.

Unfortunately, I fear this is still not an atypical example. I would say that probably most people who experience any form of acute mental issue, whether it be depressed suicidality to schizophrenia , are met in the general clinical setting with a sincere while good intentioned bias that functions to invalidate, as a category, the actuality of the mental health situation.

Just a thought.

How have you viewed someone you have encountered with a mental issue?

What was your reaction?



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13 responses to “Trauma Informed Care”

  1. microglyphics Avatar

    I believe my ‘different space or time’ comment accords with your point. Some insanes of today might have been touched by gods in the past. Perhaps even now in some cultures. By themselves, they can be themselves, but in societies, they may have identities imposed upon them. The ability to escape the social identity problem Jung might call it individuation—effectively escaping the id and superego, to borrow Freudian nomenclature. Deleuze and Guattari might choose to consider it a less judgmental schizophrenic state. But most of us don’t have this luxury.

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    1. landzek Avatar

      Yes I agree. Nevertheless, it is only through the real ‘proper’ ideological state that we are even able to consider such possibility.

      I suppose that’s why I figure my ‘philosophy’ is really more about ‘counseling’. Bc as a counselor I feel I am assisting a person to find the truth, that is, through the method that does it use ideological propriety as a criterion. Rather the real criterion always indicates but can never prove through convincing the truth of the matter.

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      1. microglyphics Avatar

        Yes. Context matters. Not that I couldn’t get there, but I don’t know that I currently have the perspective necessary for Counselling.


      2. landzek Avatar

        You probably don’t need help.

        Counseling does not concern “human beings” in general; it only concerns whoever is asking for help. Psychology only concern has to do with those who have a psychological problem, not “all human beings”.

        As I keep working in my philosophical work, one of my maxims is that I am not speaking about “human beings” (even though surely I say such things) in general. I am only speaking to what is being addressed, which is the context that is brought up for me to respond to. What ever it is, the discussion has only to do with the discussion, and extends no further. I say this is the truth of every context.

        My concern, similarly, is this only someone who is asking me for help. As this is really only a philosophy applied to counseling, the universe of counseling. Not “the universe” Becuase in every context of universe, there is always a universe “of what?” If I think I am speaking of “the universe” always we end up talking about “of whats”.

        So, I am only concerned with someone who has come to me for help. Whatever is happening between us, only concerns “the universe” in as much a this person who has come to me understands it that way.

        I don’t know what a universe in general is. Except in as much as someone begins to tell me what it is. Then I have something to say about it, and I have an idea what it could be.

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  2. landzek Avatar

    Real Negotiation of ideas…Not “negation”. Damn auto correct.

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    1. landzek Avatar

      …and. “We can’t know…”. Not “we can it”.


    2. microglyphics Avatar

      Pretty sure you as site owner can edit comments directly through the admin panel. 😉


      1. landzek Avatar

        Yes. But through the phone app I can’t. Unless I goto the desktop admin. Both which I hardly ever do. I pretty much voice discrete through the app while I’m walking my dog. Hence: the dog walks. 🤟🏾😄

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  3. microglyphics Avatar

    Many. My take, probably unsurprisingly, is that the belief in normalcy is delusionary and self-serving. Humans are by and large pathological creature in ‘denial’, if I can borrow that term.

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    1. landzek Avatar

      I’m going to bring in my two routes business right here.

      If normalcy is delusionary, then that means that all we really have is like a “culture“ of human beings that are just being human in the way that they are. And there is no intervening in this way they are: Even though it might appear that some human beings are wielding power over others, what’s really happening is those people that are wielding power are likewise just being whatever human being they are just the same as a schizophrenic might be being human and the way they are. there’s just a bunch of human beings being human. I could say that this is true given the evidence.

      SoYet part of this being human is indeed falling out of this “being human”. In all parts of the “being human“ in the true sense, real human beings fall out of this truth, and I would say not only routinely, but indeed as part of their being human In truth.

      This fallen out of part of human being there by Institute’s designations of what it is to “be human” in a proper relationship which constitutes the real world. And indeed this is how it appears in reality.

      So further, I would say the truth of the matter is that in as much as human beings are just being human beings, part of that function, part of that capacity is for human beings to understand themselves as “implementing structure that holds a proper structure of relationship to the universe” and at this proper structure, whether or not truly proper in the sense of it being true, is necessarily real in so much as human beings must exist this way in order to survive. In the exact same way that grass may have adapted or behaved as grasses do. Or trees in as much as trees do, or rocks, or planets. Or molecules, Adams, corks and Microbladers. Lol.

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      1. microglyphics Avatar

        Yes, but this doesn’t make it deterministic. It’s more coincidental. Had one been born in a different time or space, the reality of their circumstances would also (appear to) be different.


      2. landzek Avatar

        I would call that opinion real and hypothetical, in the Kantian sense.

        To say that that’s just what humans do does not make it deterministic. Rather, it opens up reality itself to a different kind of analysis.

        What we see when we get out of the ideological correlation of a practical and hypothetical reason is a different kind of relationship between the human being and the universe. Not to say that what is hypothetical is bad or wrong: I just is, in the manner that I described it before. Until then to talk about what is truly an actually happening does not require that the practical hypothetical reality be changed in anyway. It’s not saying anything about that you’re living in an allusion or anything like that. I just simply verifies what you said in your reply: people live through ethical hypothetical practical ideologies. To talk about how this might be the case is not to argue them away. It is to accept that they exist in the universe as such.


      3. landzek Avatar

        … it is a real fact that we must deal with: people who are psychotic are most often viewed as something being wrong with them. Instead of that they are just being the human that they are.

        To say that in another time or culture it would be different is just part of the real negation of ideas. It is just is.
        We can it possibly know what the truth of another culture or era might have been because they are all mediated by the current real ideological state which inscribes the proper manner to Be, whether it be human, rock, color, temperature, intelligence, etc…

        Ideology organizes the ethical/right way to view oneself in the universe, as well as how to view the universe, that is. What categories will be used to orient the subject in reality.

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