Reposting Beneath the Iceberg: A Look at Mental Models


Each of us views the world through our own unique pair of glasses. Our experience is shaped by what we pay attention to during our moment-to-moment …

Beneath the Iceberg: A Look at Mental Models

—— I like to expose people to different ideas about things that interest me, even though I may not support the idea itself.

‘Mental health’ is a name for a loose group of problem solving proposals. Each proposal presents how the problem of mental health is framed, and then offers a corresponding solution which makes sense in light of the problem. Becuase so many people use the same words, we typcially understand that there must be these actual things, like mental health, that are beingg addressed through some sort of common effort.

While i do not necessarily agree with this person’s formulation entirely, I do nevertheless agree with pieces of it,while understanding that thier formulation does make sense and so will be useful in certain circumstances or situations of mental health, as well as the ideal of mental health that people assume due to the use of the name.

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