Trickle down economics

Trickle down economics will always be the way because intelligence itself is viewed as a trickle down arena. The individual, the very idea that there is a secular intelligent individual, is based in the rest of the world trickling down from this intelligent individual, or we could say, trickling out. Going back to enlightenment philosophy, everywhere they speak of “higher orders”, spirituality and religion speak of “higher” ideals.

Everything that we are able to think is ordered from the sense that what is higher trickles down and brings up what is lower.

Our institutions now are so inundated and idea logically infused with this imperative that there will never be a correction from underneath. Indeed, revolution is a fantasy of 100 years ago. And the 20th century could be seen as human beings coming to terms with the fact that the very ideal of revolution is a modern fantasy of capitalistic dimensions. It keeps people in order.x







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