The true thing about truth

This guy breaks down the problem of “truth” nicely.

I am re-posting this because my work posit that there is a truth that is not real. I speak of what is true in a distinction to what is real, and I qualify this in a non-philosophical manner,aka the unilateral duality.

You can look to my other posts and papers about that.

I like how this guy breaks it down, but I also have to note that he is assuming a common strata, or underlying or overlaying truth that is not being disclosed in his assumption. For a loose term, we can call his assumption of method analytical, but then In the attempt for people to figure out what I mean by analytical we get into the same problem between truth and reality that I talk about with reference to a unilateral duality. 

also it is notable that there are philosophers that talk about how we must have to agree upon some strata that we cannot talk about. If Any of you readers happen to know of a Philosopher or philosophers who talk about that if we are to accomplish anything in Philosophy. or wherever, there has to be an assumed ground that we never touch upon, Please let me know because in a paper I’m writing I talk about this idea but I don’t know of an author to associate it with. To me it seems self evident, but, of course, if you’re writing an academic paper you have to be able to reference it to some other author in order to have credibility, even though all you have to do is think for about five seconds and you can tell that this statement is true. (Again, the problem between truth and reality.)







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