Feeling Blah, and then slightly worse…

We are languishing.
— Read on www.nytimes.com/2021/04/19/well/mind/covid-mental-health-languishing.html

—– Languishing. I like this article. I like that it gives us a new word. And I was feeling a little better Because the “we’re all in this together” thing, and then this happened:

We still have a lot to learn about what causes languishing and how to cure it…


…and where I was starting to feel better, I was suddenly disgusted. That phrase just revealed a really depressing ideal that underpins peoples sense of mental health things. It is really a kind of Mindlessness, as opposed to the great fad-of-mistake that we generally define as Mindfulness.

Awareness, without judgement is key.

To be honest, I see a mental health fad-idealism catalyzed by the pandemic as the main problem. It is the problem that is the problem, and less the idealized content that ‘problem’ supposes.

The propaganda of mental disease that pervades the ideal of ‘mental health’ in our modern manner is clearly evident in that author’s very casual manner he speaks of how to cure this languishing disease.

All I really got to say to the author’s support: Thanks for helping my job security.

Sure, we totally can frame everything in the context of problem/disease and solution/cure.

No problem folks!

But it’s kinda depressing.


WStay tuned for my papers on the issue.x



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