The Nation Faces Onslaught Of Gun Violence

6 Shot At Child’s Birthday Party As Nation Faces Onslaught Of Gun Violence | HuffPost
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—- It is astounding and so terrible and sad.


I wonder though if the “onslaught of gun violence” is just media hype.

I wonder if people just do random shit. All the time. People kill people. All the time. For every reason and no reason.

I wonder if it’s not new at all, but just that the news has to make money, on one hand, we have now the media ability to capture all these events (that have been happening since forever), and…

And we want to believe there is such a thing as a civilized and ethical human being.

I wonder if the reasons are just justifications, that ‘people’ need to have a reason why some one is screwed up to do terrible things.

I wonder if people just do stuff. Good and bad.


cant have that, now, can we ?






One response to “The Nation Faces Onslaught Of Gun Violence”

  1. Hesiod Avatar

    It is media hype. Gun violence is nothing new in America. But with the rejuvenated effort at some level of firearms regulations, anything in the news related to gun violence (like police shootings) will be plastered all over the media. The medium is the message! That’s not to downplay obvious violence, but the media echo chamber aims to creating public opinion for self-evident ends. Like earlier today I saw on Yahoo a story about a gun shooting in NY that left only one person dead. Yet Yahoo decided to make it headline news on its site. Why? As you say, “media hype.”


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