“It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”*…

The Centre for Applied Eschatology makes its point in a powerfully– and painfully- ironic way: “Bringing an end – to everyone, everywhere!”
(Plus- “…

“It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”*…

——That is just about the coolest project I’ve ever heard of!

Because it admits some thing that I just talked about in my post, like, three posts ago: namely, that what we are dealing with is not what we think it is. What the human being is, what the world is, our knowledge about it based in unrecognized For unacknowledged emotional connection to thoughts, Is more than the content that that synthesis is deriving for knowledge.

Indeed the con tent has use, but this use should not properly be extrapolated out to mean that there is any future that we are causing to come to pass necessarily.

Hence, if we accelerate, or condense that “emotion-thought” Correlation, if we bring about the “end” and all possible ends that the reason creates out of that somatic conflation, out of that brain-mind synthesis, then perhaps we might sooner come upon what we are actually involved with as a human being in the world.

Brilliant. 😆. Absolutely Love.

Even know that Centre is not really aligning with the inevitable outcomes of this present philosophy, It does say something about what will come out of such investigation. Because that Centre will really find that none of those things that it catastrophizes about ever comes about, or, it will only come out in a way partial enough that the solution for bringing about that and will not actually bring about an end. But in that effort to bring about an end in every possible way, to conceptualize and think into what it means to end everything that exists, and then to work toward it as a solution — well, that is just plain brilliance in every sort of irony we could think of .







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