Existentialism: Confronting Alienation and the Abyss

Existentialism is a misunderstood philosophy. It tends to be the “philosophy” of teenage nihilists, rebellious individualists, and other alienated …

Existentialism: Confronting Alienation and the Abyss

—- And, I would say that the anxiety of mid 20th century Existentialism Indeed takes anxiety as a common condition of human existence, As though it is A basic condition of every human being at all times and forever. And indeed this appears the case, if you think about the global mental health crisis; we have not stepped Dion existential anxiety or angst in anyway whatsoever, in fact, it is taken hold all the more thoroughly and intensely.

I think Kierkegaard is really saying that such anxiety, while fundamental and originary to human existence, does not constitute authentic existence, as some authors would term the change in Orientation upon what it is to be human .The Christian context I think is incidental, yet significant to the difference that I am attempting to shed light upon. Agan the point of Kierkegaard is that Christianity has nothing to do with what one believes, yet as I think I put it more properly given the last century’s persistent misinterpreted Perpetuated discourse of an existentialism which can be traced back to Kierkegaard: it is faith which is informing one to what one already believes, that is, as if they have a choice.






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