A Consciousness not separate from reality.

Let us say I was born in the city. Parents. Siblings. Went to school. Job. And one day I say to hell with it all.

And the reason why I say to hell with it all, at the time, is Becuase the universe signaled me to goto Alaska (I know how to hunt and farm, say).

Did the universe actually tell me to leave?

No. It is subjective fantasy.

So then my question goes to how are we being able to discern what is fantasy from what is reality?

Yes. The pure actual substance of objects coalesced in such a way to be indistinguishable for “real” Objective reality where people make decisions for themselves to do such and such.

So, I go to off into the forest. And I’m living pretty well. I live. I hunt, I fish, I eat. I built myself little house, I never ever encounter humanity.

I remember what it was like to live in the city. I remember automobiles. I remember computers. I remember my parents friends skyscrapers roads, I remember everything. I remember growing up. I remember what they taught me in school etc.

Overtime, like 10 1520 years of never in countering another human being. I began to have an actual relationship with the earth. The trees that I cut down for warmth. The plants that are growing and I eat; The animals that I hunt I begin to have conversations with them about how I need their pro team. I begin to thank them for sacrificing themselves so that I may have this life.

Eventually the city life that I grew up in becomes a fantasy. It becomes something like some sort of mysterious Shangri-La in my thoughts. Some sort of imaginary world in which I once lived.

My question is not so much about “what is” but “why should it be“?

Why should it be that anything that has to do with me must answer to this modern/post modern-discourse actual real objects that are separate from my thinking, subjectivity, etc…

Why should it be the case that somehow I am living in a purely subjective fantasy interacting in a fantasy land where there are spirits and trees that I commune with and communicate with?

What am I trying to achieve when I propose upon someone that they are merely not “dealing with reality“? Or that there’s a bunch of subjects who come up with their own ideas the truth but then those projections often fail when faced with brutal reality?

What am I really trying to accomplish when I think that way. What project am I trying to push through when I view reality through this subjective objective lens?

What I see is one group of people who live in the city are talking about things in a certain way and imposing that structure upon everyone else. And when you grow up in it that is the nature of reality. But It is actually just mythological.

It is not that the group of people living in the cities know the truth of the situation is such that there actually is this objective reality out there. It is more that there are two separate mythological situations that are proposing what is actually going on. Whether or not there is an object and what my relationship is to it. That definition somehow has priority over a relationshipit is not that the group of people living in the cities know the truth of the situation such that there actually is this objective reality out there. It is more that there are two separate mythological situations (in this case) that are proposing what is actually going on. Whether or not there is an object and what my relationship is to it. That definition somehow has priority over relationship, etc..

I think that is the more significant question. Why should it be the case that there is this objective reality in which human beings can hallucinate and come up with fantasies of projection?

My point more goes to if I can fully think and live in a “fantasy land“ That never imposes upon other people, and I can support myself and be happy and eat and drink and live and then die one day…

What is the purpose behind me supposedly having to have some sort of “double truth” where in actuality I’m living in a fantasy, but the fantasy land is actually informing me of everything that is true. What is the point of saying that or even thinking that?

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

3 thoughts on “A Consciousness not separate from reality.”

  1. I read somewhere that the brain can’t tell the difference between an idea and a fantasy, Hence the possibility and the importance of controlling ideas in order to control emotions. Hence the idea of the story narrative we tell ourselves that you refer to as a mythology.

    I guess same goes for the example you are posting here, living in the city and living in the wild. The brain and the body are adaptive machines and they both help the individual to survive. In this case, objective reality would be the objects that you have a relationship with. Internet, long referred to as “virtual”, has become an objective reality. Because I work online, internet is more objectively real to me than lions in Africa.

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    1. I take it a step further I think and say it is not merely subjective meaning against “nothing” say, but rather, the objects of an environment are informing subjectivity about what are we able to think, believe and mean.

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