Five Things in the news

Pondering the news flashes my iPhone gives me in the morning,..

… and, I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing surprising about the Trump report tax thing.

Then my mind goes to news itself.

Don’t you think it is kind of odd that we have, what, 7 billion people in the world or something like that, and I spend my day talking about maybe three pieces of news that somehow are more important than anything else that happens?

And not just that there’s only five pieces, or maybe if you read other news sources maybe you got 20. But still, are we to think that these 20 events of news are somehow more important or somehow more influential, or having anything more to do with any of the other multitudinous events which occur every minute of our day?

It seems like a fantasy to believe that unless I’m spending my day constantly getting updated on new things that are happening in the world, that 20 events of news really are having any influence at all in any of the other things that happen in the world.

Yes, we could argue that with the President of the United States does or did has influence. But to say that it has influence over 97% of the rest of my life? I think something else Hass to be going on to allow what President Trump does to have more than 2% effect on my life.

I mean this in the sense that there must be something going on with me that makes me feel like 20 pieces of news are trickling down into most of my life to affect it in someway. Let’s say even there was 100 pieces of news. Is that to say that if I start to analyze my daily activity that eventually everything I do will reduce to those hundred things? That those hundred things are limiting my choices and ability to live happily?

It literally is as though every morning I have to pay for a bill of goods that I never wanted.






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