The Great Natural Evolutionary Gauntlet

We do no better than the neolithic farmer praying to her gods that his crops will flourish.

Ultimately, despite the ideology of probability, science always never does better than reacting to what occurs.

In this light,we would have to wonder what the difference is, or how we justify our present society and knowledge against past superstitions and beliefs.

Are we really “getting anywhere“? Or are we simply replacing “gods” and “supernatural powers”, with “technology” and “physics”?

It seems to me that any analysis that we would want to make to show how they’re different would really just be implying that they are really the same and that our relationship between the human being and whatever is something else that we might call world or whatever, it’s really the same relationship, occurring in the same way, eliciting the same responses of emotion and intellect that we always have.

Because, I don’t know if we are really responsible for “saving“ any more or less lives then is usually or typically lost in any particular day or year or era due to any other sort of thing that would bring about death for humanity. We posit a potential that we are preventing by relying upon a history that is already part of the ability to see a present.

We know this already. So what has changed?

It really does start to look like we are just a bacteria culture on a piece of dirt.

Taking it the whole way. 🌈

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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