In love, Be.

We’ve travelled a long road by near and by far

The longest road we traveled got us to where we are.

If I had known you before we had met

In that time of trouble and pain

Would we ever meet again?

Would we, together, have survived ?

The first time I saw you

A hard cold bitch

I could see it in your eyes you wouldn’t take no shit

I knew it Becuase you’d been living that life for so long

Staring in the eyes of the day

But refusing to awake from the night.

If no one ever told you, Your cries will never be enough.


In love.


In my ‘77 Chrysler up upon that sea cliff

Overlooking the ocean, we were beginning to live

Listening to oldies on that lo-fi radio.

Hardly a word was spoken

We were

Together alone

Wondering only about our changing shores.


We may never know what life we may have lived

But here we are, we can get what we give

And we can live that life we’d been hearing from afar in that song

Through struggle and pain

We can live and live again.


In love.

— C. 2015 CSP

Your at 10 and you need that extra push, where can you go?


…but these goto 11.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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