What the End of Modern Philosophy Would Look Like

What the End of Modern Philosophy Would Look Like

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The only thing I would disagree with in your argument here, Dr. Harman, is that the human conception that human beings change reality or somehow allow for something different to occur through coming up with new terms and definitions is modern. Lol. So I’m not sure how we’re going to come up with a different term about what’s going on in the world, the world that we live in, merely by coming up with new ideas about how that might be the case, because it seems to me that would we would living in an Ultimate philosophical lie in the attempt.  It seems like someone would have to die and stop using discourse for anything like not being modern philosophy any longer to occur. 🤣

… and then we wonder why it takes so long for a philosophy to change? 

One might hear echos of Bruno Latour, one of Harman’s rock stars, but in relief: we have always been modern.

This goes to the heart of what I disagree with with Graham Harman’s work. I think Dr. Harmon is probably the most significant philosopher so far this century, but it’s not for what people think.

And if you’re interested, I’m sure you can sort through the rest of my blog and find out my opinion on him and why that is. 

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

4 thoughts on “What the End of Modern Philosophy Would Look Like”

    1. When you talk about the state of things, do you say “in our ancient world of today…”. I think the meaning you would have is always “modern”. You don’t talk about the computers as “post-modern”. ❤️. Unless you are talking about something else, that is not referencing the current state of things. Are we actually classical ?


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