The Philosophical Object.

Phenomenology says that we all have subjective worlds that are reflected in our opinions and views.

The Speculative Realist conference philosophers spoke to the point of how that formulation of reality leads to a closed loop of philosophical correlation. Thus, their problem has been how to find something outside of this closed system.

The concern of an orientation upon objects is how that correlation occurs outside of the talk about it, encompassing the talk about how we are to get outside of it.

The issue here then arises between an object which withdraws from view (Harman) and the subject which is never expressed or communicated (Lyotard).

The difference, I say, lay more with orientation and less with ontological ubiquity. More with the manner that the subject is able to view the world and less with how there is a “real” world that subjects can only partially view.

The difference is thus between the phenomenon and the object. Less about how we situate philosophical definitions and more about the manner of being able to see.


4 responses to “The Philosophical Object.”

  1. maylynno Avatar

    But all is perception just like Berkeley once said. We are spirit and we can’t help perceiving and understanding objects in a subjective way

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    1. landzek Avatar

      Yes. That’s why I like the two routes. Becuase once subjectivity is understood to be complete in its correlation, that there is no “real world” out there, that it is indeed merely an organism moving along its determined track, then we have to reconcile the part that indeed “sees” thus duality, of choice, empirical, world-out-there. The juncture is most often recoursed to a “immenent-transcendence”. But this is just a reaction against being fully known, exposed, understood. Hence the dual nature is spirit also, as faith or as chosen: hope and true knowledge.

      Human beings don’t really want to be known truly Becuase then we can be controlled. So it’s really the “control” that is the issue, and not much else.

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    2. landzek Avatar

      The issue, I think, for the benefit of the most people is how to control what human beings do and yet allow them thier subjective freedom. Inevitably control is what allows for the most people to survive and be happy. So some of ethics involves how we determine how much people are qualified to live.

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      1. maylynno Avatar

        Control! Yes you are right


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