Presumptuous Whiteness for all to see. Disguising Acts Of Self-righteous Retribution.

More than a few readers have asked me to change me view in the Convington situation. that I should ‘apologize’. I have not, and I will not.

In truth, the kids’ fault is ignorance, Racism and indignance toward difference is what they have Been taught.

Here we now see how that self-righteousness takes hold. Most everyone (the media, the schools) who indeed had it right about what occurred has backed down Becuase they do not full understand what occurred or why. Thus insecurity, brought about from the insistence of implicit power, now brings out the retaliation of privilege.

We should not allow it, and I hope the kid does find justice: in being made to face his ignorance and the truth of what happened.

There is no proof to be proven, Becuase the burden of proof is always upon what is not of Whiteness, and since such a criteria is itself established in Whiteness– I just hope the Post pulls out the big guns.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

4 thoughts on “Presumptuous Whiteness for all to see. Disguising Acts Of Self-righteous Retribution.”

    1. The whole thing is disgusting to me. The neoliberal media will jump on racial injustice just long enough to get ratings, and because they really do not comprehend their complicity in the system of whiteness, then they have to back down and apologize. I recognize my complicity (as much as I am able to) in so I try to be aware and I try to be open to the possibility of other instead of just insecure in my social position.
      If anyone had any balls in the media and et al, they would get on TV and they would say no I’m not going to apologize because these people are wrong and here’s why. But it just goes to show how what we call intelligence or what we call education is just another moneymaking scheme to maintain the system of oppression.

      I try not to make political statements because to me humanity is filled to the brim with nonsense and utter stupidity.

      So I usually try to stay and come out at the other direction with philosophy but the individual human being where I can try to help and so feel some sort of ethical consistency and integrity.
      When I step out into the larger structures of cultures and groups and the world, it’s just so overwhelmingly idiotic that it is more healthy for me to deal with the one on one and then maybe at times reach out to say something in support of the group.


      1. I hear you. For me, the challenge is finding an effective strategy that is also an ethical path. I think that some times and places, the best tact is face-to-face education (philosophy in the broadest sense); other times and places, it might be civic engagement (politics in the broadest sense). I’m not a one-size-fits-all kind of thinker or doer.


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