Revisiting the Conference. 2007 Realism transcript.pdf

The Speculative Realism meeting of the minds transcript.

It is good to revisit original discourses, for sure. I myself am reminded of what they really are saying, pieces which through my own reliances, arguments, emphasis and repetitions, I have set aside. It is good to be refreshed, for example, Miellassoux’s original setting, his original point in After Finitude, which I read about 6 ? Years ago, Becuase I dont keep up with Ray or Quentin. Harman I feel, though, has the significant idea. Brassier never really peaked my interest, even though he touches on some cool stuff.

It is also good to be reminded of why thier discourses, their ideas mark a particular limit and thus where my work takes off. Indeed, why I find myself literally thinking outside the box that these guys defined by their own box out-siding! Lol.

I think I talked about it somewhere in my blogs :: those guys show the box because their work functions to show how the box is established, not because they get outside of it. This is key for me: they actually evidence the limit and thus allow philosophy to leave its correlational Reason-segregate nest.

Good stuff.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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