The Basis Of Psychological Reality in our current American Government.

Everyone knows that psychology is based not on health, but on dysfunction. Through a generalization, Perhaps we can see a picture of what is occurring.

This is because those who are reasonably psychologically healthy do not “act out violently” when their needs are not being met but actually try to work with others, or at least in consideration of others, towards getting them met. If there’s an issue they look at it, granted there may be some emotional disturbance such as anxiety and the various sorts of resistant emotions, but overall they’re willing and open to the possibility that how they are behaving is “incorrect” or otherwise not healthy.

On the other hand, those who need help in the sense of something being noticeably wrong that is really only witnessed and acknowledged by other people, these are the people that need psychological intervention, mainly because they cannot see it, but also because they can’t admit it and actually will not admit it. These are the people that act out, that get angry, frantically angry when confronted by their issues by others. They are not open to the possibility that they might be incorrect but rather see the manifestation of their problems as a facet of what’s going on around them and understand that the way to deal with this in the last instance is to shut it down. The way that you deal with insistent problem that continues to hit at the core of your being that something is wrong is to continue to act and escalate that behavior out upon threat of violence.

The issue with the relationship between these two types of people, sometimes, is that the person who is relatively healthy, and so far is there is a general ethical concern and compassion for these dysfunctional people, will not wish more aggravation and suffering upon these people that are obviously having a great difficulty with whatever is occurring. So this relatively open minded psychologically healthy person will attempt to confront this other person and yet allow them And allow them whatever space might be needed to work out whatever is going on with them, Inevitably,though, what will happen is the person will not work it out for themselves because of the nature of their dysfunction, Rather what usually happens is the caring open-minded person usually backs off to allow them the space, and the Unregulated person will simply calm down and be happier because they’re not being challenged from the outside about what they see as inerrantly correct. And so the dysfunction of the other person will be allowed to continue and indeed The reality involved with these two types of people will be shaped by the person who is acting out by virtue of the fact whenever the projection of dysfunction becomes close enough that person will get angry and threatening violence, while the other person out of compassion will back off and try to allow the person to calm down so they can reapproach perhaps.

On one hand this is called codependency, and on the other hand is called accommodation, by the one party, but by the other part it is called simply denial.

it is possible to see this dynamic in the Cavanagh nomination process. Basically Cavanagh is going to be a federal judge because he cries louder and the other people who don’t want their dysfunction to be called out cry just as loud with him.

And this is the state of existence that were in America: grown-up little children who are on the verge of becoming adults would rather sit in their playpen and play with their toys and not have anyone come in and tell them what to do, or actually, if someone does come in their playpen then they just want everything that happens in the playpen and everything that everyone does to be by what the dysfunctional child wants to happen.

Issue we face in our government right now is how to implement a constructive basis of psychological health for our governing body but likewise a model for the rest of America.

Well at some point you just got to come in and kindly kick the bully’s ass. Because that’s the only way they’re going to ever start behaving dysfunctionally. At some point you just put up a limit. Similarto the drug attict, The way I would loving intervention is done is to put up definite an absolute parameters of behavior for the condition that they might wish to play with the other kids. This is based in love, because that’s the foundation of the intervention, of placing the limit. The addict child then gets to decide whether he wants to play by himself and cry and scream and do what he wants with his own toys by himself, or whether he really wants to be involved with the larger group.

it really is kind of disgusting and actually really disturbing that we’re having a man with the emotional capacity of a six-year-old, of a spoiled six-year-old , having say in the final judgments of life for our country.

How we are going to go about this with American government really is the issue at hand perhaps.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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