CNN announces that we’re all going to hell in 12 years!

CNN reported today the National Geographic story that we’re all going to hell in 12 years.

This coming to days after a blogger on word press told us that scholars were telling us that we’re headed for a big impact climate event if we don’t shape our shit up real quick, asking what should we do about the people still in denial:

Navigating Climate Tragedy – via Jem Bendell

Navigating Climate Tragedy – via Jem Bendell
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“we’ve already wasted two days between the two reports; we’ve done nothing!”. The Philosophical Hack exclaims.

“Do we really think in 12 years anyone’s going to come do any better sensibility about our impending doom to be able to do anything about it?”

The moaning answer from our concerned audience member was a resounding “shit I forgot to get my Starbucks latte this morning.”

So much for the Minutemen of climate collapse.


Honestly though; whether or not I recycle any particular item that I use is dependent first upon my attitude right at that moment, and then whether or not there’s any recycling bin nearby. Not to mention that even if we were to recycle everything that’s recyclable, we don’t have the facilities are the man powered even sort through the stuff and make it into other stuff that we can use again. So if our use of resources is a problem, I don’t think that’s going to be fixed within 12 years, or even probably within 40 years. Perhaps the earth itself will make us have to solve the problem by solving the problem for us by illuminating like half our population through famine and disease.

But I’m not a pessimist in this area. The philosophically I call myself a pessimist, when it comes to actual occurrences in our daily life and in world I’m not a pessimist. I do think that we need to change our view upon ourselves and the world and our place in it, but I’m not sure that this occurs against any deadline.

I mean if we think about say the theories of the extinction of the dinosaurs or if we want to move it into the human realm, the possibility that ancient civilizations were affected by a meteor slamming into the earth , say like the Myan peninsula down in the south Caribbean.

This is it to say that large random natural events don’t happen that we can’t take account for, But it may be so much to say that so much as our effect upon the world,

perhaps we could say it is just an effect of the world. For what are we really saying when we get all paranoid about us killing ourselves because of our lame attitude upon the universe? Are we saying that I would be very sad and upset if some of my relatives were killed or died because of a natural disaster? And so with that in mind are we extending that attitude to our compassion towards all humanity?

And yet there are hundreds of people following dead because of drug addiction as I am making this blog. There are many people getting killed because of terrorist activity and gang activity. And there are hundreds of people getting killed for all sorts of various other reasons around the world.

So I mean if we kind of hold that within ourselves and kind of realize the world that were in, it may not be such a terrible thing if indeed our activity causes our world climate to change so badly that half the population dies over 50 years. Sure it’s sad and I wouldn’t want to live in the time of famine and I wouldn’t want to live as millions of people do on our planet right this second.

But come on?

What is the issue we are really dealing with here with climate change?

This is an honest open question.


My point with mentioning the Mayans and the dinosaurs is it seems like the further away and conceptual perceptional time we are to an event the easier it is to interpret or have possibilities to interpret object specificities and their causal interaction.

The fact is is that we don’t really know what the human beings were actually thinking and doing. But it could be possible that whatever kind of climate change was going on or whatever kind a catastrophic event was going to happen for the decades or centuries that were leading up to that event, that the human beings were behaving conceptually speaking in a manner that coincided with that geological or Celestial or universal event.

This does not mean that somehow we can get outside of our behavior to be able to say oh we don’t need to do anything about climate change, as if Recognizing the coincidence of attitudes and occurrences or potential’s for occurrence can allow us to embody or engender certain behaviors to thus compensate for that coincidence somehow, to prevent it from happening.

But it might just give us purchase upon what human beings actually do and what role they are actually playing in the universe. If we have a perspective of our real (as opposed to speculated about) coordination with universal activity, that may allow human beings to aembody as a whole organism a feature of being human that conceptualizes the world in an entirly different way. And this is from a macro scale of time in history, not from a microscale of having some sort of center of consciousness that can get outside of itself to therefore an act religious and spiritual prophecy and predict gloom and doom upon the rest of humanity because they’re so sinful, Or because we didn’t sacrifice enough humans, didn’t give enough blood to the gods to appease them to prevent the catastrophe happening.

There is no getting outside. But there may be a way of understanding what is neither inside or outside to therefore have what we might consider a “healthy relationship” with our surroundings. This is not some Utopian dream, but it may be some actual practical way of viewing the world that allows us to be less self righteous and reactionary to what is then understood as common and regular.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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