Time to wake up America. (But surely we will remain asleep)

It is often taken for granted that middle America lives like its the 1950s for race relations. Boulder, Colorado is often seen to be an open minded, liberal town, but the truth is that its just more if the same; ignorance and little willingness to change.

My overly sarcastic general opinion: People are fkg morons. And they do not want to change. What they say about change is mere lip service to get people of their backs.

And never mind race! I wouldn’t be surprised if we start having actual witch hunts –actually rooting out witches — in the next 50 years, for all the willed ignorance that abounds everywhere. Pretty soon the movie The Exorcist will be an instructional video instead of entertainment.


We literally need a natural population thinning gauntlet so we can start over. Lol.


But for real….

The idea of an enlightened humanity could be just a fantasy. Time itself is an inconceivable thing and just may work to disguise what Being is through knowledge, all the hopes of ‘forward’ thinking merely formations of consciousness working to justify what ever is occurring at the time. Humanity could be just a egoistic and self serving creature that is absolutely unable, as a whole creature, to get over itself, for all its dreams of truth.

This may not be pessimism. For what do we see? Basically small-minded attitudes attempting to assert truth over all else. We can’t even say that the “enlightened” mind has any sway because we still have people who might appear to say to believe in love, intelligence and human acceptance, who nevertheless cannot come to remove themselves from behaving in, what must be called, hate.

Take for example ethical Christians who hate homosexuality. Perhaps a few come to some sort of conversion to accept love as love, but most would sooner kill them or ‘train’ them to hate themselves and “have faith”.

And what about pedpophiles? The whole range goes from people who just don’t see a problem in their behavior to people who cannot help themselves even though its wrong. What can we say about that?

Even myself, I will admit. Even while I remain open to possibility in discussion and, as I say all the time, I want to be proven wrong, I am mostly unable to change my views for anything, despite what argument people would make. Could there be an argument to make be ‘believe’ that I want to have sex with men? No. But likewise no-one can convince me that men should not be allowed to have sex with men or that something is wrong with them because they want to. How is my view any different than, say, a jihadist who wants to kill all women who wear skirts say or bikinis?

And the thing is., I have to behave as though it is totally correct. Even while I might know  or contemplate this ridiculousness, I have to bahave as if my view is the best.

And I mean, honestly: How many people go about their business in mind of the effort to be proven wrong?  One. Me. I have never in 48 years of life ever met anyone who’ll tell you that they want to be shown that they are incorrect in the view. Never. And then here I am am thinking that this want to be proven incorrect is a correct and best ethical manner to proceed in the world!

The world is filled with self centered and self serving people who have no interest in giving up their view of what is right, at every place, for every possible situation.

How about you?

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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