Accelerationalism Analogue

I’m always so antagonistic towards the accelerationism thing, but even as I have reactions and I have my own processes and manners of coming to terms with various aspects, I realize that these are all part of the process and so I’m usually just trying to come to terms with whatever it is.

The discourses loosely described as “accelerationalism” can be placed in understanding by an analogy to Einstein’s train dream (I think it was a train):

The accelerating people are like on a roller coaster. They feel the gravity pull up and down left and right around in circles all sorts of ways, the train getting faster and faster.

But people like me are on the ground, or in a more Einstein way of speaking, we are on the train and closed in the car. Everything in the car is going the same speed like nothing is changed but if we look out the window we see the universe going various speeds.

This is just an analogy because relativity itself is just a particular application for certain conditions.

Just a thot.


  1. I think I follow you. So you are saying- how do we even define what is accelerationism? How do we know its accelerating, relative to what? Etc.

    Some people say Zizek is an accelerationist. I think that’s a gross misrepresentation. He’s just saying that certain trends are happening and they are unavoidable.

    Where I start to listen to “accelerationist” logic is the idea that we should speed up the demise of the two party system by tactically voting for anti-establishment candidates even if we disagree with them in part (of course I couldn’t actually bring myself to pull the lever for Trump to bring on the revolution!). But its a fine way of justifying a third party vote.

    1. I don’t know why the Like botton may not appear ??

      Sure; how could we be able to discern what is accelerating. But also that people do indeed see something of a sort whereby they can have a discourse called Accelerationalism.

      Im saying, though, that while I can understand why people could see such a motion or reality or whatever, I on the other hand do not live in it. I experience it only as a sort of possibility of knowing, but not as an evidenced truth.

      They do. I don’t.

      and I feel that they would say that I am just not looking around or living under a bush or some sort of judgement about how I am ignorant or something.

      I don’t have that antagonism:

      It could be similar to magic. People indeed are capable of getting into spiritual-magical things, and what happens is that they begin to live within that world. they indeed eventually live in that world as it is the truth. They see the causes and effects, their reality is altered by magical effects and responses, shaped by magical reasoning. There is no amount of ‘reasoning’ that could convince them that it is not true, because all of the rationales of knowledge reduce to the meaning that they have by which magic works.

      Just because I may not ‘believe’ in it, does not mean that it doesn’t work exactly the way these people say it does.

      It doesnty mean that I am wrong or something. It means that it is possible for magic to work in peoples lives. It is not true or false, because there is no standard by which I can measure or gauge the veracity of such a world; even as I can understand how it works, it doesn’t work for me.

      Similarly with accelerationalism. It simply does not function in my life. And it does not mean that the people who are involved with seeing the world in that way are wrong.

      so it is similar to the Train of Einstein. It is exactly that the train is moving very fast, as well as not moving at all.

      There is no knowable segue that links the two situations except as someone would want to say that their view and evidence occupy the Truth of the whole situation, that all situations must reduce to This One situation. The is to say, the only knowable segue is exactly what one understands is The Truth by the (self) evidence of the experiment/experience.

      Does that make sense?

      1. Yeah I follow. Its a meta-narrative, plain and simple. Its hard to get behind those kinds of things anymore. It would be like living your life as a complete utilitarian- you would be living like a robot or something

    2. Oh. But to bring it down to something more tangible: there is nothing that I come across in living life that evidences any sort of acceleration that effects me. That’s is; what is seen as accelerating is a type of view that I would say is not unique to our time; that the view itself always understands itself through an acceleration, no matter what era such a person lived. Like sitting on the top of the Einstein train, rather than inside of it. I could of course climb out and ride on top… but why? Lol. Maybe at some point I will, but I don’t need to right now.

      1. You should definitely expand on that post. Yeah applying a kind of historical relativism to this would be really theoretically interesting. It reminds of some of what Zizek says in parallax view- have you read that one? But from an anthropological perspective- what other times have the sense of things accelerating toward some bad point? Well, the whole idea of degeneration or the Biblical Fall, but I wouldn’t reduce our current dilemma to that

    3. … but also. I think the honest philosophical question would be how would we measure ?

      But also. If I’m not mistaken: acceleration is the rate of increase in speed over time. In order to measure a cultural acceleration, and to argue it successfully, a faith of some sort must be in place as sacrosanct, mainly. I think because history is an abstraction and the ‘actual’ occurrences evidenced in our time again is accounted for through viewing things in a particular manner, as I say. An orientation .

      As well, there would have to be a ‘static’ ideal of what is ‘stopped’ against what ‘is moving’. Yeah? And what exactly evidences these aspects.

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