Accelerationalism Analogue

I’m always so antagonistic towards the acceleration-Nazem thing, but even as I have reactions and I have my own processes and manners of coming to terms with various aspects, I realize that these are all part of the process and so I’m usually just trying to come to terms with whatever it is.

The discourses loosely described as “accelerationalism” can be placed in understanding by an analogy to Einstein’s train dream (I think it was a train):

The accelerating people are like on a roller coaster. They feel the gravity pull up and down left and right around in circles all sorts of ways, the train getting faster and faster.

But people like me are on the ground, or in a more Einstein way of speaking, we are on the train and closed in the car. Everything in the car is going the same speed like nothing is changed but if we look out the window we see the universe going various speeds.

This is just an analogy because relativity itself is just a particular application for certain conditions.

Just a thot.

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