A President that is”Sad to See”. 

I think like many people, we were hopeful for America that Trump would become something that we didn’t see in the pre-election. sadly enough Trump is staying true to the Trump that we know. The truly great and wonderful thing about our times is there’s no Way to get at trump. there’s nothing we can really say that has any basis that will move anyone. he is like the seminal post modern president. The examplLary figure of our times. this is because there is no substance to the man. part of having an opinion on anything is that you get some sort of response, some sort of substantial reaction, in the sense of physics. but Trump is just like a nothing figure. he is utterly systemic. you can’t call him a racist really (I mean you can totally call him a racist if you want) because he stays just at the margin of everything. in my opinion he’s de facto racist because he has no opinion on anything that’s particularly racist. he is orderly business numbers. his morality is defined by what he is able to use to his advantage. and for regular human beings this pretty much comes off as an enigma: A completely nonethical but there for unethical figure.

I think the reason why we are going to be living a sad state of three years, it’s because he’s using the system to his advantage and everyone, all of us in the United States, are subject to that system. so no one will have the balls to impeach him. we will just have a block three remaining years of nothingness and discontentment and complaint. in short he is an idiot that we can never identify and that’s never do anything to harm or move him in anyway. he is the example of the empty subject because he plane does not care and his expressions of care are in comprehensible to anyone who has any sort of human morality at all regardless of what it’s based in.

we need an American leader. no it doesn’t really matter if I say it or what anyone else says, because the statements just fall in the nothingness: Trump is not a leader. he has just fallen into the space that we left.

hopefully this depressed time will yield a certain attitudinal awakening to American principles that do not rely upon internal exclusion, that is, the principle that says that if you are violent and only want to kill people because you think you’re better than them, Will not be tolerated within America. whether or not will tolerate that outside of our borders is another issue.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher musician that is being questioned.

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