The One God/ The God of One.

It is an interesting excersize: 

The history of philosophical reductivim is written in the last half of history as a conflation of the Jewish ‘unknown’ and the Greek ‘Logos‘, both of which are really the only types of ‘oneness’ we are capable of perceiving: a completely unknown element (Judaism) that communicates to humans as singular and specific sites (prophets of the absolute transcendent), and a completely known element (Greek intelligence and immenence) that communicates as the integration of reason into activity.

Together, they comprise the whole of possible rationales behind the One God of our great monotheistic religions, but also the ‘One-ness’ that is the denial of  ‘the other’ absolute One (God) as identified as the ‘set’ of atheism. 

We have the possibilities of absolute One-nesses (theism-atheism, and their compromise of agnosticism) that we should recognize through its guises as the One God, the God of One that most every ‘rational’ person ‘worships’ in one way or another.

My question is: What of the Two God, the God of the Two? 

What happens then? 

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