A Short Modern Primer as it has to do with our Current Intellectual Condition. 

A disconnect is enacted in the postmodern conception when it views the bases of Kantian ontology as up for question. The problem exists in a tension that is innate to existence itself so long as existence is like wise extended into a specific metaphysical space of inution on one hand, and Intensionality in the other. In this way we might find the parameters of modern thinking. But due to this parametric, due to its imperative (as opposed to its contingency), the description of the situation divides meaning from itself.

conmoto-ultra-modern-fireplaces-rollingWhat this means for critical theory and what is considered ‘intelligence’ is that it becomes difficult to discern what valid discourse is, and we have the developing duplicitous evidence for invested hegemony as well as the ambiguity, tentativeness and general hesitation that will then accompany any theoretical activity.

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