“… auctioning off words to the highest bidder…”

In this repost the author talks about how Google options off words to the highest bidder.

I have not read the whole essay nor spent months or days or weeks at some sort of trans human or post human Summit, but I would challenge this compartmentalized Version that would suggest that some company has any power that we don’t give it.

And I don’t mean this to say that as a person in the world we do not interact and negotiate and put things out there from our positions to Support or detract from other positions; more that in the effort to establish identity we ourselves are auctioning off terms (words) to the highest bidder, and that any critique of Google in this sense must first recognize its own complicity in the phenomenon that is google and other like mega-corporate entities.


@Pip__T -Critiquing linguistic capitalism, Google’s ad empire, fake news and poetry

Originally posted on Algocracy and the Transhumanist Project: My post as research assistant on the Algocracy & Transhumanism project at NUIG has come to an end, and I will shortly be returning to Royal Holloway to finish writing up my PhD. I have really enjoyed the five months I have spent here in Galway –…


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