Rock and Roll theory; Music theory. 

Just as I was considering my last post in reflection itdawned on me that when we say ‘Music theory’, we mean something different then when we say for example ‘political theory’, or the like. 


As someone who was raised in music, and who was a music major for one and a half years, I was struck just now by the idea of’Music theory’ because with that last post of mine I use the tags ‘Rock ‘n’ roll’ and ‘theory’ and it Dondonde me that what I meant by rock ‘n’ roll theory is probably not what usually comes to mind if someone was to say music theory. And upon a quick search of rock ‘n’ roll theory, Rock ‘n’ roll theory philosophy, Music theory, I was confirmed to what I already knew. 

Music theory is not a theory of music. It is not a theory of the art or rather the artistic appropriation of the art of music. Music theory is more like a science of how to make music. Even more philosophical approach to music usually will only game you a history of music. In fact, though I am somewhat limited in my library of knowledge, Soren Kierkegaard is probably one of the very few people that is put forth any sort of philosophy or theory on music. 

Now of course i’m not meaning this in the sense of some ontology of music, or some reason for music, or some psychological therapeutic benefits of music. 

In some post to come as part of the notes that will be going into my next book, I will be putting forth a theory of music, but specifically rock ‘n’ roll theory, which could better be called a philosophy of rock ‘n’ roll. But again not unto itself as some sort of ontological transcendental psyche moving sound of the spheres spiritual blessedness of God and Satan. Rather it will be specifically tied in to contemporary philosophical motives, and elaborating within the work that I’ve already done and continue to do. 

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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