The Philosophical Hack: The First Part. On Sale Now !

<>CLICK HERE to BEGIN THE HACK ! (hopefully the link will work.)   This is the First Part of a Six part series by Cedric Nathaniel. Using Slavoj Zizek’s book “EVENT” as a platform, this essay is a hack into conventional philosophical reality. It is indeed a hack: A repeated application of an algorithmic protocal… Continue reading The Philosophical Hack: The First Part. On Sale Now !


Philosophical Construction.

One can always tell when there is a religion in place in two ways: 1) The person will declare what they are and what they believe through a Name. For examples; Christianity. But also, Realist. On one hand we have Baptist; and on the other hand we have Existentialism. The second way you can tell… Continue reading Philosophical Construction.


Quantum Computing and its relevance to Philosophy. via A few videos on quantum computing and the physics of time I want to come back to later — Mark Carrigan In order to move forward philosophically, we must get out of our philosophical head that everything must reduce to 0 or 1, nothing or common reality. I begin with that statement because… Continue reading Quantum Computing and its relevance to Philosophy.


What is The Truth?

  Quite soon The First Part of The Philosophical Hack: The Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Event will be published. The truth of the situation is that the notion of our “post-truth”, or the incredulity involved with not knowing how to discern what is true, is itself true. So, what does that mean?  It means that the theoreticians which would back-step to… Continue reading What is The Truth?

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And I am drawn between.

I am an artist at heart, but with intellectual reflection. I am a philosopher in an artistic sense, rather than a ‘pure reason’ saint. My experience is not exclusionary. Hence my dilemma. In not only thought, but indeed act. Where it becomes the most difficult is in our Post-modern Marxist world of production. There is… Continue reading And I am drawn between.


Badiou’s seminar on Lacan and The Philosophical Hack.

Badiou’s seminar on Lacan — Read on One of the next books I'll be getting. But From the Amazon description, it sounds in line with my long awaited book, "The Philosophical Hack",which I will be start releasing soon. The subtitle of my book is "Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Event" and is somewhat a… Continue reading Badiou’s seminar on Lacan and The Philosophical Hack.