And I am drawn between.

I am an artist at heart, but with intellectual reflection. I am a philosopher in an artistic sense, rather than a ‘pure reason’ saint. My experience is not exclusionary. Hence my dilemma. In not only thought, but indeed act. Where it becomes the most difficult is in our Post-modern Marxist world of production. There is […]

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Badiou’s seminar on Lacan and The Philosophical Hack.

Badiou’s seminar on Lacan — Read on One of the next books I’ll be getting. But From the Amazon description, it sounds in line with my long awaited book, “The Philosophical Hack”,which I will be start releasing soon. The subtitle of my book is “Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Event” and is somewhat a […]

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Religious Philosophy.

I added a page to the menu above. I don’t know if a Page prints as a Post so I am posting the page.😄 — The point of this whole thing is to find the destruction of the transcendent. My work is toward a complete explanation of religion. One that explains every cultural facet or […]

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Actual Philosophical Difference.

“In the philosophical context, a difference exists where offense marks a boundary. If I move to describe a leaf, and I say it is brown, no one is offended and no one argues over the simple description of that fact of autumn. Yet, for some very particular and indeed knowable reason, if I  move to […]

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