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Time is Longer That We Think..

If we think there was a post-modern era, and now we are in a another era, think again. While I have my difficulties with Bryant, he at least appears to engage with ideas and text in a manner that defies 'temporal eras'. So again we have a further evidence of the need for a bifurcation,… Continue reading Time is Longer That We Think..

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Repost:One and Two: Politics, Governance, and Antagonism; and comment. 

First the repost:  Perhaps it could be said that politics is that which occurs at that precise moment that we learn to count to Two.  If this were the case, then it would follow that not everything is political.  Everything can become political, but politics is something is something that must be made to be. … Continue reading Repost:One and Two: Politics, Governance, and Antagonism; and comment. 

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Object Orientation and the New Realism.

Adding a comment upon the previous two posts:  it should be no wonder that there is no more overt questioning of how we are to go about things in the world: We have to buy and sell stuff, material. It appears the young generation had just accepted this without question where the grown, if there… Continue reading Object Orientation and the New Realism.

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Post-modernism’s Worth. 

When we are too close to an event, we talk about it as from a distance. That is, what we say is automatically distanced from the event, a maximum distance. The event is thus, by this occurrence, an object. As opposed to our psychotherapeutic model, the closer we are to an event, the more dishonest… Continue reading Post-modernism’s Worth. 

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SE Part 10a. Transformation and Conversion.

The Significant Event is to be distinguished from an event in reality. The Significant Event involves reality but never occurs in reality; it is the encountering of the point of contention. Significance itself may occur in reality as various events can begin a count of meaning in the arena of pure multiples (reality), from events… Continue reading SE Part 10a. Transformation and Conversion.