The Existence of Soul

Show me a person who is totally at peace…

…And I’ll show you a person who is either very wealthy, or extremely poor.


I ponder that anyone is really seeking peace. I wonder if that is just a pipe dream that we’ve been fed because our lives have been so tumultuous.

So instead of understanding existence as the truth which is vicissitude and upheaval

We take flight in our ideas and Forever battle against what is apparent.

I think this is what we call Spirituality. A forever attempt to overcome what is true of our existence. We take solace in finding a transcendent nothingness through which we can reflect on to ourselves A distinction.

A pure fantasy of Zizekian dimensions. Posit our “true self” in the vanishing point which ends within us, yet, through the diversion, understand as communion.

We feel that we must keep our agency at all times. I feel that this is what we understand as spirituality. We invest our self in the pure idea that we are not what we appear to be.

What that great irony would be if we gave up on the ideal Of keeping oneself in communion and realized that the universe is always working for our benefit, that at no time was there ever a discrepancy.


How utterly intolerable to think such nonsense.



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