The ransom ware business model

The ransom ware business I think it’s a good model for our current global economy. It basically understands that large companies and governments have a ton of money. And so they can hack into and take hostage of these computer systems that these large institutions rely upon. They then can charge an amount of money that is relatively insignificant to that institution, but otherwise, to regular people is a ton of money.

If we extend this out to the future, it might be more feasible and reasonable and sensible for these large companies and global governments to establish a fund that everyone can tap into to pay out these ransom ware threats.

But then ultimately extending out even further, it seems that it would be more sensible and continuingly rational to merely subsidize people. Then people would not have to attempt to hack into global large institutions in order to get what, to the institution, is really just extra change.

If I personally had $1 million I am positive that I could quit my job and live the rest my life totally happily.

And yet these huge companies see losing $1 million as some sort of existential threat.

There is a rupture in the estimation of knowledge. 






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