The Unbareable Tightness of Modern Being

We can hardly bare it. Being modern is that state of Being not allowed to reveal anything and unable to hold the stance. This is true in just being human but is continually upheld in our philosophies of Being.


And the results are, for experience, unbearable. We simply can’t handle it. So, we try to either ignore it or overcome it. Again, either through psychological devices. Or philosophical ones. Amd the result, as we see, is addiction and irresolvable arguments –> cause for war.

Somehow the answer is right there but we keep missing it through these modern conventional ways.

The “nothingness” or “bare ness” is an indication of what is incorrect. The result shows that the way we came should have come to an end. And yet we continue on the same way.

That which is laid bare is ignored. Or denied in the manner we keep addressing it. Every modern immanation (enlightenment, modern, discursive, post modern, human, non-human, anthropocenic , trans-human, etc). Is a mechanism built for the implicit purpose of keeping everything the the same as it ever was. And yet, everything is always changing.

Something is off there. Hence, what we keep doing is not the issue. The various discursive formations are not revealing anything new. They are themselves the same occurring, at that, under new terms. The new terms don’t tell us anything new, rather, they reflect the same as if it it not the same. That is the contradiction and irony of Being Modern.

So: it is an opportunity to view what we do.

If we can be honest and accepting and open.

…which the modern human is usually not. We want to stay wound up all tight and selfish and angry, avoiding every accusation and asserting our righteousness. It is the root of our ideology to convince us this “unbareable” Being is the way we are supposed to be naturally.








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