Is the United States going to shit?

It is amazing to me that people I know, people who I consider my friends, actually feel and express their opinion that the United States is going to shit because of…X.

It doesn’t matter what the “X“ is. I’m just amazed that people who are my friends who I consider pretty intelligent people 😜 Actually have the opinion that this country is going to shit because of… THOSE people. Those people being the people that are stupid or that are bringing this country down.

I feel compelled to discuss with them, to question along a certain line, rather than just tell them and argue with them. And this line that I discuss with them Is really that the very idea that ‘this country is going to shit because of “those people”’ is most probably the reason why the country might actually be going to shit. And so you, my friend, who are thinking that those dang Trump supporters, or even my friends who say, those people who don’t support trump — because I do have friends who support Trump — both of you people are missing the mark of the United States and I submit that that is why the country is probably going to shit.

My point is is that this United States system of government is made to hold difference. Our system of democracy in the United States is constructed to allow for difference. That’s what it is. That’s what the greatness of the United States is. It is that the system allows for such an incredibly diverse and polemical amount of difference, of kind as well as belief, and indeed holds it that that we are a great country.

And when people start, for whatever reason, pointing at other people, people who do not believe or think the same way that they do, as a reason why this country is going to shit, those finger pointers should be looking at the other three fingers that are pointing right back at them.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that when you point a finger at someone else you got three more pointing back at you.

And so my political comment right now is that we have to believe in the American system more than we believe in how fucked up someone else is and how absolutely righteous I am.

The United States is “us”. The United States contains both “we and them”; that is the strength of our system. That’s what makes the United States great, because within the United States as a citizen of the United States no matter what you think, if you are a citizen of the United States then you are us. And as long as we both remember that then it is Us who are allowing for this great country to thrive.

Not us against “those people”. 

When I think I’m so great, and that some other citizen of the United States is stupid and is the reason why this country is falling apart, Then I am really the one that is responsible for this country falling apart.

It may well be that it is not a system that fails, But human beings who are unable to separate their own views from a functioning of a system. and this is to say that people routinely view their thinking and emotions as part of the same function, the same ontological function, as if it is a righteous and proper manifestation of truth.

Yet, perhaps, systems that would otherwise function might not serve their purpose when it comes right down to it because people simply will not allow it. They won’t allow it because they will not be able to see the system functioning for itself. Which is to say, that their emotions will cloud what the reason is telling them is the functioning of the system, for example, tradition, history, values. Instead of seeing a system functioning to hold difference, people will see that the system itself depends on a certain set of emotional connections.

And that may be the reason for the fall of civilizations themselves.

What do you think?






15 responses to “Is the United States going to shit?”

  1. mac clover Avatar

    Just read my incoherent comment after sending. I think my point is understandable though haha.


  2. mac clover Avatar

    I think that people have less of an issue with others than with the ideas of others. I think if those who criticize the “other” have a rightfully placed issue with the ideas of the “other.” Where I disagree with you is when you say that by demonizing these people/ideas one contributes to the “going to shit” they oppose. I don’t think shutting down dangerous bigotry that is genuinely harmful contributes to that harm. Again, I do agree that demonizing the people behind the ideas is wrong, but some ideas are bad and dangerous and deserve severe scrutiny. And potentially should just be removed from the market of ideas outright.


  3. microglyphics Avatar

    Going? Why the durative tense? ‘Been done going’, to borrow from ‘ebonics’. 😉


  4. microglyphics Avatar

    The United States [US] are still the US so long as they keep their name. Even if Nazis won WWII, defeated the US à la Man in the High Castle, and the US retained their brand name, they would still be the US. Countries are an identity issue. Just as you are no longer your 5-year-old self, you are still you by name. Even if you are in a coma or die. Your identity remains. Even those who legally change their name cannot change their identity from those who remember the alias.


  5. landzek Avatar

    Oh hey Maylynne. It’s not United States only has two candidates. On our ballot that just came for me the other day, I think there’s 15 candidates. It’s just that mostly only to get the spotlight. But for sure back in the 80s or 90s or something there was three candidates who got all the way to mostly the end and then There was only two. I think it’s kind of a filtering process where eventually there’s only two really that you get to pick from if you want your vote to count. Because then there’s the whole game about it well if I vote for one of these lesser candidates then that’s going to increase the chance that one of the two candidates that I like less might actually get voted for, if that makes any sense

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    1. microglyphics Avatar

      I believe you are thinking of the George Bush, Ross Perot, Bill Clinton race of 1992, where Perot was accused of siphoning off Conservative votes from incumbent Bush to hand the election victory to Clinton.

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      1. landzek Avatar

        I am not making your connection. ?

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      2. landzek Avatar

        Oh. I got it. 👍🏾


  6. […] Is the United States going to shit? […]


  7. pvcann Avatar

    Auto shirt is an arse. I think the phrase might be rendered “gone to shit.”


  8. landzek Avatar

    …”in its ability to map what is ideal onto what we could call “existing universal structures”….

    Damn auto correct !


  9. maylynno Avatar

    Pardon me if what I am going to say may sound rude. But I just can’t believe that the US, the strongest in the world, only has these 2 candidates for presidency, not knowing who is worse than whom to be honest. Of all the great individuals you have there why is it about Trump and Biden?

    On a deeper level, I feel the world we knew is cracking and about to fall apart like house of cards. Current systems don’t work anymore and leaders are hanging on firmly and resisting change. So if the US is going to shit (and I really hope not because the whole world will be shit splashed), it will be because of the leaders.


    1. landzek Avatar

      I hear what you’re saying, and yes, transition and change is difficult. I don’t think human beings enjoy change, and they definitely have great difficulty with transition.

      More and more, though, I’m getting the notion that the great and true capacity of human consciousness is in its ability to What is ideal on to what we could call “ existing universal structures”, But maybe for sure we could just call it empirical reality.

      Because I think that change and transition is happening at every moment. And so any culmination , any “coming together” of meaning ultimately has to do with the human thinking that it is such.

      Hence, it is not so much how human beings create the reality that is an issue here. It is not so much that some groups of human beings are gonna fuck it up for the rest of us. I feel that it is more that the universe is always changing and so at some point our ideas of the world have to change with it. Which is to say, that are ideal constructs of how the world is shaped can only last so long.

      But again that’s why I talk about the two routes. Because on one hand, yes, there is the human reality that I have to deal with every day, I hear about it on the news, there is the Trump supporters there’s a bite and supporters there is the why isn’t there any other parties running supporters and all that.
      Yes, in reality I have to somehow deal with and reconcile all these strange occurrences in my world.

      But then on the other hand I feel that the truth of the matter is that all that’s happening is change. And that we are not separate from change, but that consciousness, human consciousness human thought, human conception is only able to stabilize and frame the world as such in such a place for so long before it to have to catch up with how the world actually is.

      The latter doesn’t make me not have to deal with reality, but the reality of the matter does not change the truth of the situation.

      And yes, I think it is utterly ridiculous our situation in the United States. But I think the issue is not so much that we have two candidates. The issue is that people believe that the United States is founded on a particular set of traditions and lineages of belief and thought. Whereas in actuality I think the true testament of the greatness of the United States is that it is the system that we all must believe in regardless of our values and lineages of tradition.

      But I’m not sure that people are able to make that distinction. For sure I think Trump is not able to and Trump supporters are not able to. But then also, I think Biden supporters are equally not able to. Hence the divide in our country, and hence in my post as I talk about, the problem really lay in this kind of “thought-emotion” correlation by which people conceive of them selves in the world.


      1. maylynno Avatar

        I want to add something to all you mentioned. Reality is never stable; it has always been about change, subtle and big. That’s what Deleuze referred to as “lines of flight” as small crackles in the wall of reality. They are subtle and maybe invisible but they will add up in a way they threat the whole system.

        I guess our mind functions with frames of stability. We think reality is stable whereas it is not at all. Hence the resisting to change.

        I don’t know what all this worldwide turbulence will give. But all I know is that things will never be the same again.

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