Academics discover tans

I would just like to highlight the absolute insanity of this abstract from Shades of Privilege: The Relationship Between Skin Color and Political …

Academics discover tans

——- in addition to the insanity pointed out by the commentary in this link, The paper itself is so utterly ridiculous because in essence it’s arguing that if we stay in whiteness, then the gradations of skin color will become important to political and economic security.

It is a misconstrual, a misunderstanding, A missed-application of the critical idea of whiteness, to suggest conflict and opposition based on the shade of one’s skinis the way to defeat whiteness.

For race itself goes to the very heart of critical theory. And does not necessarily equate to the shade of one’s skin. For sure, the shade of one skin is what whiteness as a constructrelies upon for its authority and enactment of power through systems. But racial consciousness Is the The manner which by race becomes noticed for what it is, and thus the absolute authority of whiteness becomes compromised. It is not that people of whatever shade of skin will now lose their political and economic security, but that the very fear that is invested in such an idea is what we’re battling against. This is to say, the ideological consciousness which promotes skin color (and other racial identifiers, such as hair) as a predictor and designator of what is good and right and valuable is what racial consciousness rejects.






8 responses to “Academics discover tans”

  1. maylynno Avatar

    Has it been like this for years or is this racial issue a new phenomenon? As far as I remember, for a long time there was no mention on racial conflicts on the news.


    1. landzek Avatar

      ? I don’t understand your comment .


      1. maylynno Avatar

        I mean all this racial issue that was blown up by George Floyd’s death, was it always like this in the U.S ? People has always been that racist? Because for many years, we haven’t seen such things on TV. So, I was wondering if racism has always been like it is these days or it came around after a long peaceful time.


      2. landzek Avatar

        Floyd is just a culmination of a long history of racism and abuse. It has been going on I’m the us and the Western Hemisphere in general since its inception. The US is founded in systemic racism; the system has structures which function function to make it very difficult for people of color to achieve economic and political equity. The term for this ideological enforcement is “whiteness”. And it corresponds strongly with the color of ones skin.


      3. maylynno Avatar

        This is sad. I wouldve loved to see the most powerful country in the world as a role model for justice.


      4. landzek Avatar

        No doubt. But whiteness is inherent to ideological identity. For whites and people of color. ALa Paula Freire: both the oppressor and the oppressed are invoked in the game of oppression. But it is incumbent upon the oppressed to enact thier own freedom from Oppression, to bring about a potential of freedom for everyone. Simply Bc the oppressors are unable to see beyond the system which supports thier privilege in power.

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      5. landzek Avatar

        But some of us are working on it.


      6. maylynno Avatar

        I know but it seems that the problem is getting more and more difficult. Thank God for people like you!


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