The Systemic Issue

The legal question of the issue of racism will be played out in the courts of the United States system of government.

The real issue, the philosophical issue and also the systemic issue is whether that officer indeed had control of his actions.

The issue is “control”: What was the sense of things that Was equating to the officer’s activity which led to the death George Floyd?

Of course, the legal case will go to authorized procedures and intent and things like that.

What the legal case will only address, though, through a tangent is indeed the level of threat that was involved with the white officers perception of what was occurring with the black man.

And what we find again and again is that if indeed it was a white man in the same position, the white man would not be dead now. In fact, the white man would probably have never been put into that position.

This may seem incredible to people who want to believe in “humanity” and the “individual”, And rationality and logic and reason as the basic and prime ingredients to justice . But we find and have found over over through the decades — Indeed through the centuries– that statistics show that there is something else going on besides these great idealisms of, but we should probably begin to understand as, whiteness.

When we begin to look at the facts of the situation, people of color are perceived to be more threat, not as intelligent, more violent, more of everything that whiteness would presume to be less ethical, less correct, and less right, all the while these perceptions justifying themselves through reason and rationality as though perception is likewise a neutral feature of being human.

It has come up predominately in the context The Western Hemisphere, but we can look the to history of civilization to see that there is a prevailing of lighter skinned people emerging in the towers of power while the people of darker skin are, for a word, oppressed. What we now call colonialism, as a category, is another term used to deflect that the same type of operations are occurring to this day to enforce, maintain, and enact white supremacy.

These sound like harsh words, but that automatic rejection is what then lends itself into the topic of white fragility and white innocence. Which, if you’re really interested, you can look up books and papers that have been written on those same topics. 






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  1. maylynno Avatar

    Racism is terrible. How come it still exist in 2020? I just can’t understand this.

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