Never Underestimate Intensional and Systemically Enforced Ignorance

This is ignorance. Racism, yes, but a racism that is based in a kind of religious self-justified ignorance.

Philosophically speaking, it is the result of postmodern identity politics, where each individual is justified in its own experience, and everyone’s subjective experience is absorbed into the subject as a justified entity that is communing with otherness. It is a self justifying correlation of meaning that is often difficult to root out in order to cause change. For the exact reason that everything that you would want to tell the person as to what is philosophically occurring for that person, the person absorbs into a self justification of their own primary experience.

The ignorance, while indeed coming out of an individual position of subjectivity, is likewise enforced ideologically by the mistaken postmodern apprehension of identity politics. Responsibility comes in understanding this religious problem, religious in the sense of postmodernity.  It is less something that someone comes to terms with through some sort of change of heart. For we are then only left with the identity politics where a person is changing themselves while the system of ideology remains intact as a valid point of reference. 

This is the non-philosophical ‘radical’ responsibility.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

6 thoughts on “Never Underestimate Intensional and Systemically Enforced Ignorance”

    1. Tension. Tention. Thanks yes. I like the philosophical spelling. Bc it denotes something “in-tension”.

      The idea that this guy is intentionally making a mistake is contrary to the phenomenological idea that we are all subjects involved in our own reality, etc. we just have to say that given his experience somehow his phenomenology arises distinctly from my own. As though he has his own reality over there that I don’t know about until he appears in my world and then I subjectively make meaning from what he did totally on his own, or whatever however we would say that.

      I don’t think that he is intentionally making a fool of himself. Except to say that someone might prescribe to the theological notion that we all have souls or spirits or something that is animating ourselves is somehow processing reality in a certain way given our particular upbringings and experiences in the world etc.

      Hence it is more like this is arising “in tension”. Because, I would further have to ask that what if one of his children was being bullied, or one of his children came home crying because of whatever sort of things; would be we be equally justified and telling that guy to go back to wherever he was from?

      The guy who made the comment, go back to Mexico, is not involved in whatever sort of phenomenon, whatever sort of phenomenological intention that I might think he is involved with. In fact, I bet if I was to talk to that guy about any sort of philosophical understanding of ideology so far is what I’m talking about philosophically, I would bet that he would say I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

      And so obviously this guy cannot be having anything to do with doing anything intentionally at least philosophically speaking. He does arises “in tension” to what is philosophically understood: because he has no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to this kind of Philosophy, he just has no part of it, is not arising intentionally in the phenomenological sense. But is only being intentional in the ideological sense, which I would say is a religious sense of being non-reflective upon oneself in the world.

      But yes, not everyone reads my philosophical works to know that I make a distinction. 👍🏾. And so really, people would think that I missed spelled the word but actually I intentionally misspell it. Lol.


    2. And, of course you’re right. It’s just ice so commonly spell it with an S that I forget that when people use the word intentional they have a meaning that, at least I understand as, not having gone the full measure of philosophical intention . but then that goes to why I spell it with an S.

      And really I think phenomenology in general is misunderstood as it is miss Applied. But that goes to my work, which hardly anyone reads, so there it is. 😊


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