Impeach Congress

Every one of our United States representatives should be impeached for being buffoons.

Take thier salaries away at least. Let them get paid not for being self-righteous idealists manipulators, but their for doing thier job: compromise and getting things done.

For sure; if I did as lame a job at my job as our representatives do at theirs, I probably not merely would be fired, but most likely be put in jail.

Think about it.

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

5 thoughts on “Impeach Congress”

  1. Many or not most Americans are frustrated with the House of Representatives. Even more people are frustrated with the Senate. The House has done its duty to pass hundreds of bills, but these bills are sent to the Senate where they languish and die.

    Here’s the other thing. In the US we only get to pick one Representative. We have no say in the other 434. And the one in our district may not have even been the one we voted for. Given there are 435 Representatives, we are all likely to be disappointed in many of them, especially insomuch as we have no control over their being in power.

    This said, it might be nice if the US had the parliamentary power to clean house and start again. Sadly, until we get the money out of politics, even this capability will be hampered as the next crop will be the same weeds as the last. Money is anathema to Democracy.


    1. I meant all of our elected officials in Washington: All of our representatives. I didn’t mean the house or the senate; I meant the whole group of morons sitting up there in suits doing their pop and circumstance dance that we elected to do a job and they’re completely failing

      My point is that if you yourself did such a terrible job, you would not only be fired, you would be arrested. Because you would be harming people. This is what I’m saying about the job they’re doing; not that they’re just doing a bad job like you know I didn’t do some great customer service today and so McDonald’s fired me. I’m saying that the person who’s cooking the hamburger keeps throwing grease on the other employees and throwing knives at the customers type of bad job.

      😄. Our current government is failing so bad that I’m actually giving them a break by telling them they should just be fired.


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      1. I don’t disagree that they are failing, but as they keep being voted in. Hell, look at the president. He’s been impeached. He’ll likely be acquitted due to inept Senators. It’s probable he’ll be reelected.

        The country has earned its collective karma.

        I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such a shit hand, but it must have been in a past life.

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