The Third Part of the philosophical hack is Delayed due to user error.

Oh no! My MacBook Pro crashed finally after 10 years. And, because I really do despise computers and iPhones and the Internet and everything that has to do with modern technology 😄 I don’t automatically save my stuff to the cloud. Rather, I like to work from my computer and then only every once in a while save my work to the cloud, which I know now is not very wise, especially having my main computer as a 10-year-old MacBook Pro. (Fart).

I am from the generation that has a certain sense, a certain want or need to have some thing that is mine for anything that I do.  for example, I like to own albums and on CDs, even though I never play them anymore and I listen all my music off of streaming services (puke). Lol.

Hey, if anyone has the right to be hypocritical, it is to themselves. 

Perhaps future generations of humanity will be more community oriented and consistent in some authentic human being Ness, and in the sense that everything is shared, perhaps because that is what will be necessary as an attitude in order for humanity to survive the changing of our climate. But by that time I will be long gone and it won’t matter. Besides, I shop at the thrift store pretty often! 

Anyways; I had all the chapters, all the parts of the philosophical hack saved to my computer, and I only have an older an edited version of the third part saved to the cloud. 😩.  so what that means is that the third part may take a little while longer to get out to you eager philosophical hackers.

And, by the way, The second part Should be finally globally distributed in the next few weeks.

Note: disliking technology does not mean that I don’t enjoy using technology or the benefits that comes with it. I probably mean it more in the sense that a certain orientation upon technology tends to distract us from what is philosophically sound so far as being in the world. And I don’t mean this in the exclusionary sense that somehow we need to get in touch with our spiritual inside. Exactly the opposite. I mean in the sense that technology as we understand it tends to allow us to and void engaging ourselves technologically with the world, avoid’s inability to understand the intimate relationship that I have with the world itself, which is to say in as much as I might be invested in the wonders of The iPhone and 5G. 

… Or maybe I’m just old. ✊🏾👨🏽‍🚀





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