No Exit. 

Hardly any more a quaint existential dilemma; now a hardened truth that makes any assertion a free agency merely another mechanism in the machine of control.

I’m sounding like Craig Hickman over at his Southern Nights/Alien Ecologies blog. 😁

But it may well be true. That is, so long as we agree with the inclusivity of human reality. But all things conspire in meaning, in the meeting that is hard here would obviously necessitate an escape. If not for the blatant ability to have a thought outside of this fear of control, then it would be that which is most contrary to its method of non-contradiction. It is not that we escape through asserting some sort of free agency – free agency is a part of the machine functioning to maintain reality as control. Ridiculous enough, we merely reiterate the theme of the movie “the matrix”.

Wwe have to wonder why is it that so much philosophy seems to clearly repeat influential artistry of younger days. One could even look to any generation, at least in the 20th century, to what theory or what ideas they have to say about what’s occurring for any time, and count back 20 years prior and there was probably a play or some sort of artistic expression that seem to convey the same thing. 

Anyways. It is just another switch mechanism of power that would argue itself as the only way we can go. So it is that the situation we find ourselves in is not because it’s the only situation that accounts for the ubiquity of real determination. 

The Repost below I tend to agree with and I like this guys Analysis. But while it may be a reality that we have to contend with, and though it seems to describe a situation where any retort or protest is used strategically in the large intelligence and ability to have learned and apply strategies and tactics for a benefit of its enemy rather then towards the purpose that the protest Asserts, it seems to describe an evermore effective encompassmeant of power. We might even say it really describes the development of the Catholic faith that we will and I already call reality (not so much just the constituent religious institutions, but actually the common arena wherein we may have various beliefs). 

And at this with us have a stage set for my work.

The Trump-Bannon Executive Order ‘Strategy’ And Its Rhetorical Value

The flurry of executive orders signed by Donald Trump since January 20th was designed to accomplish several objectives. First, on attaining office, establish continuity between the ‘campaigning candidate Trump’ and ‘President Trump’ by acting to ‘implement’ the most visible campaign trail promises–the ones packing the most rhetorical punch. This should be done without regard to […]

Republican Party, rhetoric, Trump executive orders, Donald Trump, Republicans, Steve Bannon, corporate media, fascism, political rhetoric, political strategies, propaganda

The Trump-Bannon Executive Order ‘Strategy’ And Its Rhetorical Value

Author: landzek

My name is Lance Kair, a philosopher, a counselor and a musician who is being questioned.

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