What is The Truth?

  Quite soon The First Part of The Philosophical Hack: The Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Event will be published. The truth of the situation is that the notion of our “post-truth”, or the incredulity involved with not knowing how to discern what is true, is itself true. So, what does that mean?  It means that the theoreticians which would back-step to… Continue reading What is The Truth?

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Climate Change and Pascal’s Wager.

In this Era of Prehistory, everything gets turned on its head, just like in the Pirate's of the Caribbean movie... As I have put forth in various places a "turned on its head" version of faith in the spirit of Kierkegaard (somewhere in my posts Im sure Ive spelled it out, but I surely address… Continue reading Climate Change and Pascal’s Wager.


‘Capitalism and its Threats’ (2018) via Žižek

‘Capitalism and its Threats’ (2018) via Žižek — Read on i love at about 20 mints in, Zizek repeats his running narrative which is able to change the past: The artist's work is more complete as i view it, the author does not know completly what thier art means, and indeed the context… Continue reading ‘Capitalism and its Threats’ (2018) via Žižek

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Philosophy and Racism.

The other day, I commented on a post over at Larval Subjects. Someone replied to my last comment: Racism is socially constructed. Just like gender. They are just signifiers without a signified. Now how do you think you can explain and convince someone who doesn't even know this kind of thinking exists? This is a… Continue reading Philosophy and Racism.


Excerpt from the Upcoming “The Philosophical Hack.”

An excerpt from my upcoming book "The Philosophical Hack": Deleuze through Zizek about the speech act and the Event.     (This is a test of this voice feature of Word and iTunes.  I think going forward, I will slow down Alice's cadence. And perhaps look to an app that does this text to voice… Continue reading Excerpt from the Upcoming “The Philosophical Hack.”


Do Zizek and Peterson agree on religion?

Do Zizek and Peterson agree on religion? — Read on I'm posting this more for the Zizek clip. It is fabulous. As most often. Peterson is the Trump of critical theory; not really worth considering beyond a fact of presence .

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Anslem’s Argument for the Proof of the Existence of God, the Disruption of Time, and the Categorization of Philosophical Behavior.

I seem to have found a significance for Anslem's proof. It may be that it is not significance for whether God might exist, but, as I have said, significance for how I present ideas. We will start with the rendition from Princeton's site. I think they have a pretty good rendition there. Without all the strict logical… Continue reading Anslem’s Argument for the Proof of the Existence of God, the Disruption of Time, and the Categorization of Philosophical Behavior.