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  • The New Philosophy

    The Moment of Decisive Significance took more than 4 years to write and publish, and it still needs edits. The Philosophical Hack the first and second parts took a little less time, partly because of how Nathaniel approached it.  Actually, The Philosophical Hack is not yet complete, so all and all, for all 6 parts, will probably take […]

  • The Simplicity of Substance and the Lengthy Post

    I have been re-approaching philosophical ideas that have long held a deep significance for me. Because my life has been basically informed by an incessant and consistent questioning of what I am coming up on, I am finding that I am merely continuing to be what I am, which is, for a term, in motion. […]

  • Use the corona-lockdown to see yourself in the world

    HERE reposted : actually wanted to post this in 7 weeks, but because I see the population getting nervous and impatient amongst lockdowns and because it is my … Use the corona-lockdown to change your life forever within 6 weeks ——————The re-post here starts out good; I like the introduction. The “solution”in the meditation practice, […]

  • Secularism vs. Pluralism; a comment

    I had the opportunity to participate in a live podcast episode with InkleDeux for the third time. Our topic was“Secularism vs. Pluralism.”We had a … Live Podcast Episode: #3 Secularism vs. Pluralism I didn’t listen to this whole podcast. But I listen long enough to have something to comment upon. I couldn’t really listen much […]

  • Orientation and Meaninglessness

    An event is a mark of where meaning takes the place. ‘The place’ can be anything, from a positive known-unknown, such as ignorance, to a negative unknown-unknown, such as a thing in-itself. These instances correspond to Badiou’s event as well as Zizek’s, respectively. An event is a lacuna begun on one side of the sentence […]

  • Zizek’s SEX AND THE FAILED ABSOLUTE: table of contents

    Zizek’s SEX AND THE FAILED ABSOLUTE: table of contents https://terenceblake.wordpress.com/2019/08/23/zizeks-sex-and-the-failed-absolute-table-of-contents/ — Read on terenceblake.wordpress.com/2019/08/23/zizeks-sex-and-the-failed-absolute-table-of-contents/

  • THE SECOND PART * crossing your mind near you.

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  • The Epitome Of Empty POP Intellectualism: Meg Hanson. Yes

    “The recycled jokes, pop psychology, and telegenics at play in Toronto’s Sony Centre created what Žižek would call the ultimate postmodern debate: it was an injection of pure antagonism into modern life. With no purpose other than disruption and discontent, it was a performance of online celebrity and turning thought into a commodity. It was […]

  • Embodiment and reality.

    Body Theology? https://thenotsosolidearth.wordpress.com/2019/04/22/body-theology/ — Read on thenotsosolidearth.wordpress.com/2019/04/22/body-theology/ By the way, “the not so solid earth” guy I totally love his posts so my comments are an addition to his essays, rather than a condemnation. I am not sure I like the term “theology”. Let’s just be honest: there is no theology without religion. Theology seems […]

  • Is this a New Idea?

    The psychologogist who shall not be named just pops up on my You Tube “you might like”. Listen to it; its only 10 minutes. Though it sounds like Peterson is making a significant contribution to the discussion, but is her really? Let me see if I can parse this out, kind of stream of my […]