Publishing a Philosophy Book: The Philosophical Hack, Part 1

I am insane.

I have written a 107,000 word philosophy book (you do the math). With perhaps 10 people in mind to read it.

I came across THIS post from a year ago.  Though it may be reality, I have difficulty reading it and not thinking that the answer is written by a philosophy snob. I simply refuse to believe the context in which the question and the answer is written.  It is true that there is virtually ZERO help for someone writing and wanting to publish a philosophy book, but I refuse the context. I am going to change the context.

The reason for this is because I am certain of a few things regarding my book:

(1) With reference to the unimaginative query and the smuggy answer, I am not uneducated. So, that is not an issue.

(2) There are people who read and enjoy philosophy who are not academics. I refuse to believe that the only people who engage with philosophy and critical thinking are employed philosophers.

(3) I am not trying to make a living publishing my philosophy books. Sure, it would be great to make a few bucks, but people write because its a calling; philosophy is no less.

(4) my book can stand on its own and has significance.

Analogy; Work with me here.

People who love fiction novels do not only read NYT best selling authors. And there are tons of authors who write fiction novels who sell their books and have readers at every level.

Perhaps I am trapped in my own tiny little world, but Philosophy seems to be the only genre where people who read philosophy only buy the NYT best selling authors. This gives the impression that only Phd academics have anything intelligent to say, or know what they are talking about concerning philosophy. Why is that?  If you are a philosophy reader, are you reading anything besides what your professors told you to read??  I certainly am.


So, I am attempting to figure out a marketing strategy to get to those people who enjoy philosophy, those who think that only academic PHDs knows what up philosophically, And as well, to get those very busy academic philosophers in their free time to take a chance on actual canon-challenging authors. In short, to change the world.

Any ideas?

Surely the Postmodern Condition is able to be breached?


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