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  • Narcissist Putin Puts Nuclear Forces On High Alert Amidst Paranoid Delusion

    Ukraine’s delegation arrived on the border with Belarus for scheduled talks with Russia, as Western sanctions put pressure on the country’s economy. — Read on www.huffpost.com/entry/putin-nuclear-high-alert-tensions_n_621c53eee4b0afc668c2997b —- The explanatory power of mental health can no longer be set aside. Or, it can only be denied. When the narcissist’s world begins to be challenged, he will […]

  • Post-nihilist praxis and pessimism: rehashing some old ground

    In the last few months I have begun to explore philosophical pessimism, although not in writing and not on syntheticzero. It might seem strange to do… Post-nihilist praxis and pessimism: rehashing some old ground —- I appreciate this writer’s sense of calmness and work towards clarity of his thought. Although I tend to move away from the […]

  • It is Healthy for the World that the Humans Got Sick

    Pollution is going down. And now it appears that wildlife is doing better in the national parks that human beings are not visiting because they’re not allowed to. https://apple.news/AS6Et2Ar_TFmdPVRwXRIN7A Maybe this might allow human beings to have a new reflection upon who and what we are in the world. Maybe we can at least consider […]

  • Fear itself is countered by kindness.

    In this moment, our greatest foe is — yup — fear itself. If you are able, tune into what is happening in your body. Your body is not separate from your mind but actually forms a ground from which thought finds support. If your body is nervous and shaken or tense, then your actions which […]

  • Religion and Spirition and mental health

    Religious and Spiritous. I am not sure what would qualify a general category of people who are not religious, or who claim they are not. But if I may call upon that general category, I’ll say that they would take issue with the following: Without religion, mental health as a description or indicator of a […]

  • Philosophy and Climate Change: We’re Not Literally Doomed, but… – Scientific American Blog Network

    Climate Change: We’re Not Literally Doomed, but… – Scientific American Blog Network — Read on blogs.scientificamerican.com/hot-planet/climate-change-were-not-literally-doomed-but/ Is philosophy only for the discernment of truth through logical fallicies? Is reason the sovereign of all real truth? What climate is changing? Perhaps Deep Adaptation is about more than food and water. Maybe it is about atmosphere? What […]

  • What Lies Beneath?

    There is the geographical notion of ‘deep time’ that is often known in reference to its Christian dispensational model of about 6500 years when the earth was made. The idea of deep time offered that the Earth was much older and has been developing slowly by regular patterns. Perhaps there is a certain correspondence between […]